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Can you have an attitude
and keep it a Secret?
Mary Robinson Reynolds says...
Absolutely NOT!

Out of a bazillion authors on relationships, Mary has THE most insightful spin to put on what's really going on, and what people in your audience can do about it, to get what they really want in their relationships, instantly!

Based on her Master's degree in Educational Psychology, Counseling & Development and twenty-plus years of educating, coaching and training audiences ranging into the tens of thousands, Mary reveals the most powerful force known in human relationships: the energy of Attitudinal VIBES! Mary brings this information powerfully to the forefront. She has the ability to visit with you in a most engaging and fun way about Attitudinal VIBES.

Straight from Mary's newly released book, Attitude Alignment: The Art of Getting What You Want! - she says that we all know we should be careful with our words, but we need to learn how to be more responsible with our thoughts. Research indicates that, for 80% of the people who are pink-slipped, downsized, or just plain fired, the reason is NOT because of their technological know-how or competence. It is because they are not able to deal with personal differences and emotional situations within the work environment. It would be easy to say, the same is true of the breakdown in today's marriages, let alone healthy and effective relationships with our children.

Consider using Attitude Alignment as a source for finally talking about the "thing" that everybody knows exists, but nobody knows how to talk about: Attitudinal VIBES! Your audience will stay tuned in as Mary describes highly specific examples and the disciplines they can use to get new, preferable results with people right away. She can show them how to get what they want in relationship!

What does your attitude have to do with communication? Everything! You may think you are speaking succinctly, but if you have an underlining condescending attitude, forget about getting what you want from this interaction. Energetically, we resist when someone is pushing against us, especially with negative, judgmental or arrogant attitudinal vibes.

On your program, Mary will easily and quickly illustrate that there is more than you ever realized in relation to what's happening energetically in our interactions with each other. Using humor, the principles of Quantum physics, physiology and examples that everyone can relate to, she directs your audience to instantly recognize and adjust their Attitudinal VIBES.

The key to getting exactly what you want in all of your relationships is to start paying attention to your attitude and the vibes you are sending out and back. Mary can get your audience "on air" results.

"I've worked with Mary Robinson Reynolds numerous times, and she is a terrific guest, very articulate, engaging, very easy to interview. KATU'S AM Northwest has her as a regular guest from time to time. She's done shows for them on "how to get lucky" among other subjects. I think you will love Mary if you get to meet with her and talk with her. I loved doing shows with her; she made my job really easy. Her energy is so great. Mary always gets me really excited and energized about the possibilities. She's a "no limit" person, something I'm working on but have a ways to go. The work Mary is doing will greatly enlighten and help people with all sorts of issues and keep them tuned-in for more."
-Pauline Nortness, TV Producer

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Program Idea

How to Connect to Get What You Want

Mary will demonstrate with your TV audience, in a 5 minute segment, exactly what's happening energetically. She will take a substance that is commonly believed to be "bad for us" and have the audience transform it in an instant into a positive substance. For radio audiences, she will accomplish this with the interviewer through an auditory illustration.

3 Steps for Connecting to Get What You Want
  1) Observe yourself
  2) No judgment
  3) What do you really want?

Whether you're dealing with a co-worker, business partner and/or organization that has negative undercurrents, a spouse, or a family member who is in trouble behaviorally or emotionally, this on air demonstration will explain exactly what's been going on between you and those you are struggling with. But it also will not make any body right or wrong, good or bad, when it's all said and done.


  • Why can't you have an attitude and keep it a secret? Does that mean you can read my mind?
  • You have 3 Steps for Connecting To Get What You Want, why do you observe yourself first when other people are the ones causing the ruckus?
  • Why do you stop judging when someone else started it by launching their attitude at you?
  • I've heard psychologists say that we can't change anybody but ourselves, are you saying we can change people?
  • Why does putting your focus on what you really want, immediately change the relationship?
  • Can a person literally cause another person harm with their attitude?
  • Do you have any help or one-liners for standing in your power and winning your credibility back when dealing with someone who is used to blasting, hurting people with their VIBES ?
  • What can we do with people who are totally negative and draining with their negative VIBES?
  • In your book you talk about becoming a TurnAround Specialist through the power of RELABELING, what is RELABELING and why should we be doing it?
  • Is it really ethical to send intentional VIBES to someone without their knowing it!?
  • I really can't stand certain people. There's no way in this lifetime I'm going to be able to stand being around them or working with them. I know this is in my VIBE and it's interfering, but what can I do to stop it when I feel so strongly?
  • How does sending the LOVE VIBE transform even the toughest of situations.
  • Why does giving away what you want works "like a charm?"
  • How can you teach people how to treat you when you can't stand them?

Mary Robinson Reynolds MS, is the author of Attitude Alignment and MasterMinding: LIGHTNING in a Bottle - A Spiritual Life Achieving System

Mary is a charismatic redhead with a gift for grace-filled, tell-it-like-it-is talk. She has her Masters in Educational Psychology, Counseling & Development, and has joined two families in a second marriage, is a mother of three and works as a TurnAround Specialist and MasterMinding Maven?.

Her dynamic presentation range covers the spectrum from subtle, spiritual and endearing to outrageously, side-splittingly funny, to hammer-the-point intensity. She is also a wise and somewhat bawdy soul, eager to help others trust that what they desire is valid. She writes as she speaks, and her vocabulary is familiar and funny. Her advice is direct, not airy-fairy encouragement, to get people going with the changes they know they need to make.

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Through the use of scientific research and Mary's own incredible stories, you will learn how you really can't have an attitude and keep it a secret.

Whether you meant to have one or not doesn't matter. In interviewing Mary, you will learn how to explore even the most isolated attitude, hiding quietly back in the recesses of your mind, that you are holding against somebody who you are constantly in resistance to.

You are literally sending out messages with your thoughts, and Mary has the scientific documentation and illustrations to prove to you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that thoughts have energy, and that what you think, the attitudes you hold and an instant effect on any conversation or relationship. Your attitude will either mix things up into an ongoing series of conflicts, power plays and disruptions, or have the transformative, healing power that will literally knock your socks off, and theirs too, in a most immediate way!