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There's a Reason Why People Don't Achieve Their Dreams . . .

I think you would agree with me that we all have the power to be, do and have all that our hearts desire. And while this is true, have you noticed the high percentage of people who are not getting off the dime, how difficult it is for them to keep themselves focused, motivated and committed toward those long term goals and dreams that they say they want?

The "Reason" is this: They are trying to do it all, Alone.

Fifteen years ago, Mary's life read like a disaster area in need of relief. She had lost her first born son at birth, after many years of infertility treatments, surgeries and fertility drugs; she endured a terrorizing high-risk, but successful, pregnancy; she divorced her husband nine months later, thus finding herself in total professional and personal burn out. With the precious exception of her son, whom she loves without reservation, Mary had somehow managed to get everything in life that she did not want. She had worked hard, failed big and had minimal energy reserves left, and now her life felt like someone running their fingernails down the blackboard of her soul. Miraculously, she learned about MasterMinding.

MasterMinding: LIGHTNING in a Bottle shows people in pursuit of a dream that, "When two or more minds come together, the result is greater than the sum of it's parts." Reynolds states that, "When several people focus on your goals, your challenges and your opportunities, it's like putting lightning in a bottle... it's powerful! Imagine meeting with other committed, like-minded, intelligent, ambitious individuals who take a personal interest in you . . . and who have the goal of helping you achieve even your most lofty dreams. Now imagine playing a key role in supporting others in the same way. The cross-fertilization of ideas, experiences and know-how in such a group is the single most powerful process ever devised in the history of human achievement."

Imagine using MasterMinding: LIGHTNING in a Bottle - A Spiritual Life Achieving System as a source for a program on this topic. What could be more timely, given the current economically uncertain times? Your audience will tune in repeatedly, to learn how to go for what they really want rather than what they currently believe is possible. The vast majority of people in our society leave their inner spirit / guidance out of the equation and then quickly collapse into states of powerlessness in regard to the dreams wanting to come through them. They believe that, in order to have what they want, they: 1) have to do it all alone, and 2) it's going to be a long, hard road and take gut wrenching courage.

Mary will demonstrate how quickly you can join with other like-minded individuals to change any and all of your current circumstances by learning how to formulate MasterMind requests. What comes through Mary with any audience is energetically life-altering, and she is not only a MasterMinding MavenĀ®, she is a Master at being able to quickly field questions on problematic areas and turn them into power requests that move the participant into "receiving mode". The MasterMind Principle states: When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb power directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence.

Don't you think your audience is primed and ready to take their dreams to the next level and beyond?

"I've worked with Mary Robinson Reynolds numerous times, and she is a terrific guest, very articulate, engaging, very easy to interview. KATU'S AM Northwest has her as a regular guest from time to time. She's done shows for them on "how to get lucky" among other subjects. I think you will love Mary if you get to meet with her and talk with her. I loved doing shows with her; she made my job really easy. Her energy is so great. Mary always gets me really excited and energized about the possibilities. She's a "no limit" person, something I'm working on but have a ways to go. The work Mary is doing will greatly enlighten and help people with all sorts of issues and keep them tuned-in for more."
-Pauline Nortness, TV Producer

Program Idea

Mary is currently MasterMinding with 17 individuals from very diverse backgrounds and with a full range challenges in regard to reaching for their wants, needs and desires. They are currently expanding their resolve to achieve dreams and goals ranging from "getting a man," to restoring their health and weight, to creating their financial dreams and freedom. Each participant understands that they may be called on to have their experiences and results with MasterMinding be followed and taped for the program.

Have people write in with dreams that have never come true and Mary can show them how they can reach their dreams with these her specific Soul Goaling, Soul Searching and Formulating Requests techniques. It would be a story in progress to be revisited over a period of time. That's what keeps people watching; they want to see how things turn out. Mary can actually explain how this works and give some quick, in-audience, examples too. She can show the audience how they can quickly turn around problem areas in their lives through the language of intentional request, asking partners support in seeing and agreeing on a desired outcome.

Audience participants will learn how to take not only long range goals and dreams and get them moving, but also make their daily to-do lists happen with an ease and speed unlike anything they've known up until now. They will experience exactly how MasterMinding for specific 'impossible' goals will make anything they need to accomplish occur in miraculous ways that they haven't even begun to think of up until now, so they can have a life beyond the day to day rigors.

You can ask for anything and everything in the MasterMind process. It is about gaining clarity and intention, and Mary can easily show people how to see and get deliberate about what it is they really want as opposed to what they keep talking about and never seem to accomplish. They will no longer be undertaking life's tough issues on all alone again, if they don't want to.

For example, Oprah did a show last year on clearing cutter and organizing your office. It was quite visual. Mary has some great ideas on how the MasterMinding techniques will work on television to make it interesting and exciting for viewers. It would be interesting to follow the participants over a period of time - six months - to see how this technique has worked for them.

To get a feel for Mary's energy and connection to a television / radio audience check out her 2 video clips and 3 audio clips at:


  • What is MasterMinding and where did it first originate?
  • Why do you consider MasterMinding a spiritual conduit?
  • Why isn't writing a business plan and setting goals enough to bring our dreams into reality?
  • Why can't we just do it by ourselves? Why do we need someone else to MasterMind with?
  • In your book, you speak about turning your goals into MasterMind requests. Why do you turn goals into requests?
  • Doesn't going for your dreams have to be hard? What about no pain, not gain?
  • MasterMinding sounds like prayer? Why not just pray?
  • Can you MasterMind for other people and at a distant?
  • Do you have to believe for MasterMinding to work for you?
  • Why does the approval and agreement of another individual have such mystical power?
  • Are there any negative affects to MasterMinding? Like, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it?
  • Can MasterMinding be use to cause intentional harm?

Reynolds on Becoming a MasterMinding Maven®

The key to MasterMinding is getting in touch with what you really want, making a decision about it, and then seeking the agreement of your partner(s) in "seeing" or visualizing it, and requesting spiritual assistance in bringing it about.

In our society, we are not taught to know what we know, want what we want or feel what we feel. In other words, we are not taught how to listen to our soul. We have learned to ignore the desires of our soul, believing we can't have what we want anyway. We have not been taught to discern between our conditioned states of powerlessness and complacency, and the subtle whispers of our deepest soul desires. And we don't see that in constantly trying to override the soul's urgings we can bring driving obsessions and addictions, pain, loss and suffering into our lives and experiences.

We have learned to not trust ourselves. Because of this, people by and large don't know how to support each other unconditionally and without resistance in this kind of effort. They don't know how to listen without judgment or worrying about what they are going to say next, as if that's what's important!

There is a spiritual solution to every problem, and the good news is that you don't have to figure it all out by yourself.

MasterMinding is a spiritual - not religious - endeavor, as it definitely involves the recognition of a power greater than ourselves, receptive through ourselves. Thousands of people have demonstrated dramatic, positive changes in their lives, and have experienced happy, successful living as a result of these principles being put into practice.

In Napoleon Hill's, "Think & Grow Rich," he tells us how he learned about MasterMinding from Andrew Carnegie, the richest self-made man on earth in his time. Carnegie told Hill that his wealth and success was due entirely to the MasterMind process. He explains that no individual may have great power without availing himself of the "Master Mind."

MasterMinding is based on the ancient premise that the combined energies of two or more like-minded persons is many, many times greater than the sum of the individual energies involved. The MasterMind Principle states: "When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place themselves in position, through that alliance, to absorb power directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence coming through the creative mechanism of each contributing mind."

But first, you must reconnect with yourself and become willing to know what it is that you really want.

If I couldn't fail, what would I really want?

Try this.

Work through the following process on each area of your life. Profession, Finances, Health, Weight, Relationships. Take one area at a time and be thorough. Spend as much time as you need on each area, and when you are done with your most important concerns, you will then be open to receive creative, new rich ideas to achieve your dreams.

Mary's 7 Step Process for Soul Goaling

  1. How it is. Make a simple statement of the "state of your life."
  2. What do you want to eliminate?
  3. What do you desire?
  4. Why do you think you can't have what you desire?
  5. Why do you want what you want?
  6. Why should you have it?
  7. What do I need to change about me, or my thinking, in order to have it?

In order to clearly define your goals, you must dig deeper than you've ever gone before to find out, not only what you really want, but why you don't think you can have it! This is Soul Goaling. Once you have done this work, you will now be "open" to easily and creatively come up with specific, well designed and well defined soul goals.

Reynolds on Knowing What You Want

Weekly Soul Search

We have, in some way, forgotten how to access our true desire. We've stuffed it down, set it aside, because we've accepted what we've been told about how "You can't always get what you want," according to Mick Jaggar!

Well, it's time to let go of what's not working and start building a life that is rich and does work. There are three statements of intention that will help your recapture what you once knew as a child and which you are now wanting to experience again.

I am willing to know what I want.

This is a great place to start. It is a statement of intention, but a question is also implicit in it. In getting ready to formulate your weekly MasterMind requests, this question opens you up to searching your soul for clarity about what is pulling on you. If you will just pose this to the creative genius within you, you will begin receiving information that you may have previously rejected. You will be able to receive it now, because you have stated that you are now willing to know. You must allow your connection to Infinite Intelligence in order that it may come through you and to you.

I am willing to ask for what I want.

When you have received your answers from the first question, you will move into the second phase. It is at this point that you will begin turning the thing that you now know you want into a formal request. You will bring the answers to your first question into your MasterMind sessions, whether they make logical sense or not. This is a stretch for some people. They may know what they want in their soul, but their mental gatekeepers clamor when they open their mouth to speak it out. With your partners? acceptance and assistance, you will begin to formulate specific requests that will enable you to receive the things that you ask for, with ease and joy.

I am willing to receive exactly what I've asked for.

And here it is, the big Kahunna! The thing that we fear most: that we will in fact receive exactly what we've asked for! We come to understand here that there is a responsibility toward the thing that we've asked for. In knowing that it really could come, now we check in with our soul and ask, "Is this really what I want? Is this really what I can handle right now?" It is through this statement of willingness that we begin to really hear what our souls have to say to us. Because at some level, we know we will receive what we are asking for. The question is, are we ready, is this truly what we want? If either answer is NO, then we can feel the block or the barrier or the "nothing going" signal of our soul, telling us that we're not fully aligned with the thing we "think" we are supposed to be wanting and therefore requesting.

Try this . Be "willing to know" for the next 24 hours what you need to know in order to achieve your desired goals. These three statements will stimulate your creative mechanism, and re-charge your desire. Your soul speaks through your desire in it's urgings to you. We tend to ignore these desires, because we've been taught that it's all just not realistic to want the things that we want. I can't tell you how many people I meet who have 100% valid and reasonable desires, but they will not allow them in because of what somebody, somewhere said!

Reynolds on Formulating Requests

ART OF THE REQUEST You begin with the most courageous, bold thought you can decide upon and begin formulating your requests from that place. Probably, most of the language you are currently using to describe your problematic situations is creating vibrational calibrations in the lower ranges and thereby keeping you in a perpetually weakened state. To change this requires courage. And as we know, when we have a MasterMind partner who is approving and accepting of our plight, we can be doubly, even triply more courageous in initiating a bold request.

It is through bold words that you begin applying your faith to the formulation of your MasterMind requests. Your words will help you acquire the confidence necessary to take whatever action is required to bring your dreams, goals and desires into your experience. Every word you speak is what you are choosing to believe and give your power to in any given moment. The language you elect to use is what creates a Rich vibrational state of mind.

I have a preference for the statement: I request and accept. After many years of MasterMinding, I feel that including the word "accept" is the most powerful way to phrase a request. While making a powerful request is paramount to the MasterMinding process, the ability to "receive" what we've asked for has seemed to be an even bigger issue for me and the people I've worked with. As it is, we have plenty of resistance to just "receiving" without struggle, anguish or strife, let alone that we are now learning to request that it all be easier somehow!


I request and accept that my relationship with________ is now healed and restored or reconciled for the highest good, now.

I request and accept that my experience with my loved one now be accommodating, generous and good natured toward me and our children easily, effortlessly and consistently.

Married couple

We request and accept emotional & psychological buffering and resilience during times of change and unexpected occurrences.

We request and accept that our attachments to desired outcomes are eased and / or easily released.

We request and accept that we are now find agreeable alignment on all money management issues.

Credibility and Esteem

I request and accept to be freed gently and easily from all limiting, self-defeating, self-deprecating thoughts and feelings I have about myself.

I request and accept to that I am guided to the correct and right action I can easily take to improve my self-esteem on a daily basis, beginning now.

Money and the Fulfillment of Dreams

I request and accept that I now be directed and guided into right action or non action regarding wise and profitable investments.

I request and accept and give thanks for the immediate complete payment of all my financial obligations quickly, easily and in peace.

I request and accept that I now receive an abundant inflow of calls and orders from competent and prosperous minded people who want what I have to offer.


I request and accept the ability to relax and let go of all guilt around all foods.

I request and accept that I now experience the mindset and freedom of a naturally thin and radiantly healthy person.

I request and accept that it is now easy for me to stop at the "SIGH" when eating.

I request and accept that it is now easy for me to bypass emotional hunger and wait for real hunger.


I request and accept for my kid the healing, soothing balm of peace and comfort in his mind, body and energy.

I request and accept for my kid that her capacity to read improves quickly, easily and continuously until she has fully mastered reading (math, physical education, friendships, etc).

I request and accept for my kid his ability to stay focused and directed in school.


I request and accept that _______ be restored to perfect health and wholeness and that they are energetically lead toward whatever actions are necessary to maintain radiant health.

I request and accept divine restoration in _______ 's health and in all of her affairs.

I request and accept that _______ easily maintain 100% physical comfort and experience balanced energy, now.


See for me that__________

I request that_________

I request and accept that_________

I have decided that___________

I accept that____________

I acknowledge that__________

I give thanks for the immediate, complete ____________ of __________

I acknowledge that I am willing to receive _________.

Mary Robinson Reynolds, MS is the author of Attitude Alignment and MasterMinding: LIGHTNING in a Bottle - A Spiritual Life Achieving System

Mary is a charismatic redhead with a gift for grace-filled, tell-it-like-it-is talk.? She has her Masters in Educational Psychology, Counseling & Development, and has joined two families in a second marriage, is a mother of three and works as a TurnAround Specialist and MasterMinding Maven®.

Her dynamic presentation range covers the spectrum from subtle, spiritual and endearing to outrageously, side-splittingly funny, to hammer-the-point intensity. She is also a wise and somewhat bawdy soul, eager to help others trust that what they desire is valid. She writes as she speaks, and her vocabulary is familiar and funny. Her advice is direct, not airy-fairy encouragement, to get people going with the changes they know they need to make.