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In Just a Moment, Compassion Heals:
New Gift Book/DVD Helps Readers Make a Difference
In the Workplace, School, Town or Family

Newton, NH - Do you want to blame someone who's gotten in your way, or do you want to bring healing to their life with a moment of compassion? A new gift book with DVD included, Make A Difference...with the Power of Compassion by Mary Robinson Reynolds and Elizabeth Silance Ballard, dramatizes the lifelong impact on others that's possible when you view and treat them with compassion. Instead of destructive judgment, try kind attention. This message comes alive with the simple, moving story of fifth-grader Teddy Stallard and his teacher Miss Thompson, along with text that draws out the implications of the tale for the workplace, schools and other settings (

"Psychologists have discovered that a compassionate response to difficult situations and people yields a positive response 70 percent of the time, while resentment or anger triggers a negative response 100 percent of the time," says Reynolds. "Whether we're with a boss or employee, a neighbor, a family member or a stranger on a bus, isn't the positive outcome worth the moment it takes for a compassionate shift in attitude? When we simply remember to connect, marvelous turnarounds take place."

Based on a story by Elizabeth Silance Ballard that has been reprinted countless times since its first publication in 1974, the Make a Difference video version by Mary Robinson Reynolds has been viewed online more than six million times since its 2006 debut. The gift book includes not only written text and commentary, but also a high-resolution DVD of that video and permission to show it in any public setting, to spread its timely message about the power of compassion.

"Amidst the frantic bustle of everyday life in the twenty-first century, it's easy to forget that we can make a lasting difference in the lives of others in only a moment," says Reynolds. "Make A Difference...with the Power of Compassion uses words, music and images to help readers and viewers remember."

Make A Difference...with the Power of Compassion (ISBN 0-9428496-2-6), consisting of a 128-page hardcover book illustrated in full color and a DVD, costs $25.00 and can be viewed and purchased at Mary Reynolds is available for interviews nationwide, by calling 1-800-639-8191