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John Wayne "Jack" Schlatter [Deceased December 19, 2014]
Bring Warmth and Humor to Your Listeners for the Holidays

Grand Junction, CO – Jack Schlatter is the Author of Gifts By the Side of the Road . He will share with your listeners stories of humor, giving and warmth, sure to imbue them with the holiday spirit. Jack is the most published author in the New York Times best-selling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul , as well as the 1993 winner of the Speaker of the Year award. He has written a book of stories, parables and acknowledgments aimed at reminding us of the gifts we have to give and the abilities we have to receive.

Do you remember the last five interviews that you sat through?  Did any of them feel like one bullet point after another? Can you talk about them individually to any degree of detail?  

I think you will agree that the most enjoyable authors to interview are the ones that capture a listener’s imagination, emotions and heart. They are the ones that tell stories. They get their point across without bullet points. Instead they ignited a vision inside your listeners. They use a few compelling images and a handful of poignant parables coupled with a dynamic stories to drive home the heart of the message. Years later, your listeners remember you and them vividly.

Have your listeners smiling and sharing when you book Jack Schlatter.    

Gifts By the Side of the Road (ISBN 978-0-9628496-1-9), consisting of a 192-page softcover book costs $14.95 and can be viewed and purchased at . Jack Schlatter is available for interviews nationwide, by calling 1-800-639-8191.

Interview Questions:

What inspired your title, Gifts By The Side of the Road?

What do you mean when you say you haven't 'gone to work' in 48 years?

You have quite a remarkable family, how did they influence you?

What is your teaching philosophy and how did you come to create it?

What is so special about your story, The Magic Pebbles, and why does Jack Canfield tell it in all of his seminars?

How did your mother totally change your life one night in 20 minutes?

You said that you almost entitled your book, What My Students Taught Me... would you explain that please?

You wrote about being inspired by a hamburger? Please explain.

How did your father's 'Christmas Game' inspire you and your brothers to set goals?

You wrote that most people in the educational field do not understand the true meaning of 'education'... please explain.

How did your mother teach you to have no respect for death?

You described your brother George's life as a great classroom... in what way do you mean ?

You and your partners Mary and Craig Reyonlds describe yourselves as Apostles of Appreciation. How did you come up with that title?

How did Dr. Albert Einstein's theories inspire your story of The Timeless Visit?

Please explain the underlying point in your children's story, The Boy, The Ditch and The Garden.

You describe yourself as a dedicated bachelor, yet you wrote How To Tell The Difference Between Love and Illusion... how can you write about something to which you have never committed?

Please tell us about the story you about the Special Ed student who was mainstreamed into you class and how he changed the entire school.

In the Eternal Gifts you wrote about how the death of one student almost caused you to leave teaching and upon reflection, it caused you to become more committed to your profession than ever...How did that happen?

You urge young people to recognize that parents are the perfect friends...why?

You describe your parents as having the greatest romance in the world yet you never had the desire to become a parent...sounds very contradictory. Please explain.

How did the knock down drag out fight between your two older brothers make the four of you closer?

How did a truth telling student cause you to write The Story Collector?

Explain how your Teenage Bill of Rights is different from other declaration of rights.

You tell about all of the people and organizations who have inspired you and you write that out of all them The Soroptimists had the biggest effect on you... How?

How did your brother Alan inspire you to encourage your male students to form in to Bands of Brothers?

Of all the stories you tell what is the one most requested by students?

What story do you consider to be the most important and to have had the biggest effect on our culture? (Answer: The Simple Gesture – Simple Gesture Movie ).