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Does God Want You To Be Rich?

Newton Junction, NH - You may remember when Time Magazine ran a story in its September 18, 2006, edition with the front-page caption "Does God Want You to Be Rich?"  This remains the million dollar question and Mary Robinson Reynolds has simplified the answer with a new book and movie called God Wants You To Be Rich ($7.95 Hardcover ).

There are spiritual leaders today - still – who do not want to talk about this hot-button topic and so many remain unclear about money.

Two major camps emerged in this debate - thosse who support the fact the God is our one and only source and provides a limitless abundance of all good things to everyone seeking the Kingdom first, and those who oppose this. These two camps each claim that the Bible supports their views.

The motivation for writing God Wants You To Be Rich movie and companion gift book is really about inspiring people to make the most of their lives with God as their partner.

"Whether you are devoutly religious or deeply spiritual, an atheist, an agnostic or a skeptic," says Reynolds, "when you simply think about what a rich life means, it includes having money to invest, manage, live well and make a difference with."

This movie only has approximately 300 words, but it captures the essence of personal intention in a way you'll never forget. Richard Buckminster Fuller said it best ...

Faith is much better than belief. Belief is when someone else does the thinking.

So sit back, turn up your speakers, and watch this new beautiful 3 minute inspirational movie from God Wants You To Be Rich that can dissolve any residual guilt or blocks that may be barriers to monetary and spiritual riches.  For a word of encouragement turn up your speakers and enjoy...

God Wants You To Be Rich Gift Book & Movie by Mary Robinson Reynolds is available for $7.95 through the web site or by calling  1-800-639-8191. Mary Robinson Reynolds is available for interviews nationwide, by calling  1-800-639-8191 or emailing 

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