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NH Moviemaker's Popular Online Videos Reach 10 Million Views
Demonstrate the Contagious Power of Compassion and Appreciation

Newton, NH – Imagine the world from the other person's eyes.  Acknowledge the people who are important to you.  These simple messages have a transformational effect when conveyed with visual storytelling and music, says Mary Robinson Reynolds, whose short, inspirational "Make a Difference" videos have been viewed and shared on the Internet millions of times (

"It takes only a minute or two to make a lasting difference in someone's life," says Reynolds, whose works include "Make a Difference: The Teddy Stallard Story," which has been viewed online more than 6 million times and the newly released "Who I Am Makes a Difference: The Blue Ribbon Story," already viewed more than 3 million times.  "We've all experienced this ourselves, so that a dramatization of the point with words, music and images reminds us, opens our hearts and inspires us to share the message and the emotional moment with others."

Based on a story by Elizabeth Silance Ballard, the "Make a Difference" movie tells the poignant story of fifth-grader Teddy Stallard and his teacher Miss Thompson, along with text that draws out the implications of the tale for the workplace, schools and other settings ( The "Who I Am Makes a Difference" movie brings to life the healing power of a simple blue ribbon – using a ceremony created by Helice Bridges and implemented by a New York teacher (

Mary Robinson Reynolds is a former sixth-grade teacher who holds an M.S. degree in educational psychology.  "In 2006 I discovered online movies as a medium for inspirational storytelling that touches the heart and inspires the spirit," she says.  "Today is the perfect time for telling everyone you know about the power of meaningful gestures."

Each movie can be viewed free online by going to A high-definition DVD containing both movies in a format suitable for projection in an auditorium or for personal viewing on a TV set is available at the same web site for $29.00.  Companion gift books for both movies are also available there.

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