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additional testimonials/emails

We are thrilled to have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from individuals from all over the world.

Thankyou Mary
"Jonty" as we call him (only five years old, my only son) is busy recovering.

His ordeal followed when the vehicle in which he was a passenger overturned. He was flung out and suffered serious head injuries. Subsequently, he was flown to Windhoek where he could get the best medical care. He remained unconscious in the I.C.U. at the Medi Clinic Facility until the Sunday that followed. As a secondary complication he caught pneumonia. He was kept in sedation until this past Wednesday when he was revived.

I can only describe his recovery since was phenomenal and astonishing as he was discharged from the I.C.U. to a normal children's ward two days later. He was finally discharged a couple of days latter and are now receiving Physiotherapy to restore full use of some of the muscle that were damaged.

We - me and his mother - remain grateful to all of you who supported us.

This word of thanks is specially extended to: Mary Robinson Reynolds who through her inspirational movies gave me great courage to the extent that I was able to "switch" my light on and shine it on an unknown elderly male with similar injuries that were treated next to Johnathan in the I.C.U. I was told today that he is also recuperating well.

All the Praise, Honour and Glory to our CREATOR.
Best regards

"I am a 5th grade teacher that teaches at an Alternative Elementary School. The next step for my students is Juvenile Detention. I have the ones who have been left behind and left out. I told people that I taught English as a second language because profanity was their first. There have been so many days when I have wanted to give up and just leave, thinking it was too hard; but I have stayed because of believing that one person can and must make a difference where God puts them. The Make A Difference Movie has inspired me once again to continue until the end. Thank You for the movie. I have to believe that someday I too will hear from a "Teddy" and know that I made a difference. If anything the difference that has occurred has been in myself." - Beth Tollett

Mary, I played the video last week in my training and there wasn't a dry eye in the class except mine because I left the classroom when I played it. I've shown it to my coworkers and talk about violence it the work place. They all hit me for making them cry! I'm using it to start our group home meeting tomorrow because our providers do make a difference in our consumers lives. Again, I will have to leave the room. If you come out with any new ones or know of other links I can use, please let me know.
Thanks, Brad - Agency for Persons with Disabilities

Hi, It's 2 am. I woke out of a sound sleep because I'm so excited I needed to write to you. My background is teaching, although I have not taught children on a full-time basis for many years. Last year I decided to sub once in a while to "keep in touch." A couple days ago I watched your Make a Difference movie, I didn't realize it was the teacher movie renamed. It made me cry...again.

Today I subbed in a 5th grade class. The teacher got sick at the last minute so the lesson plans were pretty sketchy. It's lethal for a sub to not know what the heck is going on so before the kids came into the room, I said a prayer and shined my light into the whole classroom, filling every corner.

The morning was going really well, my heart was swelling with love for these children I barely knew. There was one boy, however, Joe who was sullen and mouthy. I watched him. I saw what he was really feeling. When I had a chance I went over to have a quiet conversation with him. I just wanted to find out about Joe. It was easy to tell right away he was angry. I told him I felt like I knew him. I met him eyeball-to-eyeball. He didn't flinch. I could tell he felt some type of recognition too. I asked him about the things he liked to do. At first he said he didn't like anything but gradually I drew him out. He liked football and building things. He said he couldn't do much. I looked at him, surprised and said, "Don't you know you can do anything if you put your mind to it?" Then I told him I believed in him. The transformation was immediate. I felt a calming come over him. I felt a peace.

During the rest of the day, I had no trouble with him. He was one of my best helpers. One time another student referred to him as just plain bad. Some of the other kids laughed. I simply told the class there was no such thing as a bad kid...maybe mixed up, but never bad. At the end of the day, as he was leaving to get on the bus, he looked directly at me and said, "Thanks."

I know today I was there for Joe. I will probably never see him again but I hope that our little connection today will stay in his heart for a while. I know he will stay in mine and whenever I think of him, I will shine my light all over him.
Thanks, Mary, and a great big hug, Jasmine
I feel so good I still can't sleep...hahahaha.
You are the pebble that starts the ripple.

From Mary's book Editor, Heather Kibbey of Panoply Press, Inc.:
"Thought you might be interested in this bit about negative energy: Last night my dog, my husband and I were watching a dvd of old Dog Whisperer programs. I've been working with my dog, trying to get him to realize once and for all who's really in charge here. And we're making great progress--he's now seen dozens of episodes, mostly relating to his particular behavior! But what I wanted to mention was that Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, would occasionally tell one of the owners to go in the house or stand far away. He'd point out that the owner's negative energy was being broadcast directly to the dog and that was interrupting vibes the dog needed to be getting from Cesar. And of course it was obvious to everyone that the owner was freaking out, convinced that the dog was going to demolish Cesar and the mailman and everyone else on the street. Negative energy was very obvious!!"

I am currently a school counselor looking for clarity and peace, after reading purchasing and believing in your No Labels, No Limits eBook, this happened to me:

So the cutest thing happened at work today. I have been working with a kindergartener. She is so full of energy...her mom is a crack mom and in jail, and her grandma is raising her. Her grandma is stressed out because her daughter is in jail and on drugs, and she is left stressed raising a five year old....she has had contact with me and requested services for counseling. This child shows many signs of stress and anxiety. Yesterday I purchased and read your ebook.

So today I go to get this student from class. She is sooo excited to come to counseling. She runs up and brings me a picture she drew for me. It is this big spiral colored all pretty with blues, greens, and purples. She told me it's all of the germs and they are out of her now...and that she made the picture for me.

We play with play-doh, and of course she is talking a mile a minute, all excited. Then at the end of our session, she gives me a big giant hug and says "I love you" it was the cutest thing ever...so sincere and genuine. It really brought tears to my eyes, in the best of ways.

So I guess the point is, some days getting out of bed is hard, and some days work is hard, and some days hearing so many sad stories makes you wonder if there are any good ones. And some days, just one good story makes up for all of the bad ones you could ever have or possibly imagine.

Thanks for your help. I now understand the truth behind "pay it forward."
-Brianne Henderson

Hi Mary - Just watched Make A Difference (the Teacher) Movie - Congratulations! You've brought tears to the eyes of an old soldier who has learned how to teach our soldiers how to survive and come home alive... I was 12 when my father left my 8 siblings and myself to the care of my mom. As the oldest, I became "dad" for my brothers and sisters while mom sacrificed all so that we could have a "normal" life... At seventeen I joined the Army for the steady income for my family. $90/month was a lot of money then - and the death benefit for combat in Vietnam was promising... (Gosh - guess I shared more there than ever before with anyone else...) Anyway, I didn't die and stayed on active duty teaching young people technical and survival skills... I also made time for teaching values and life skills to our young as a Scoutmaster and Commissioner of Scouting for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts both American and International... No - not beating my chest but rather trying to let you know how much I appreciate the work you do. - George F

I was really touched and also cried. Thank you for everything you do. Love and light, Lee

You should warn people to get their hankies ready before the movie! - Sam Brandt

I just wanted to say that the story was beautiful. It makes you realize how special all children are. This story should go out to the world. It really makes you think about what children really need from there elders. This really touched me!!! - Maria Valerio

Mary I much enjoyed the video and as I finish my certification to become a parent coach it was just what I needed to put down what my niche is. I sent it to all my friends...Thank you.
- Shaynee McDougall

Wow.....................................Thanks.......................................I have been teaching for many, many years - and now whether it is music, body image (12-Step/OA) or assisting churches in their mission statement, knowing we can have an impact. My whole emphasis is in making sure that every child is safe, secure and protected and yes, it has become necessary at times to push the boundaries wider because others choose to "play it safe". My prayers today are for all teachers of the world and that if we can listen not only to what is being said but how and why it is being said we can heal our planet, one person at a time. In Light and Energy - Jennifer A Shepherd

That is a beautiful story, and inspiring movie. Once I was a teacher. - H.Tomlinson

You can make a difference in some one's life today. You made one in mine! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. - Kim

I just wanted to say I Am Grateful - Jamo

The Teacher Movie may have been written as fiction, but not for me. As I watched the movie I was moved to tears as it brought back the pain of my mother's sudden death - born April 21, 1929. My mother was only 39 at her death. I was 12. I found her sleeping in midday and was unable to wake her. Two very long weeks in the hospital and she was gone. As my father awoke me and my sister with the news, I thought, "Who's going to love me now?" The diagnosis: sleeping sickness thought to be brought on by a mosquito. Thank you for the beautiful Teacher Movie. It touched an old wound that once again came up, but now out for me to heal at a deeper level. Blessings to you. - Edmond Nickson