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A License is Required to display any of our Copyrighted movies to any audience, regardless of the purpose of the display, even though they are showing "for free"on the Internet. All rights are reserved.

We ask that you use our "free" movies in the spirit they were intended: for forwarding on to your colleagues, friends and family, and for evaluating the suitability of the movie for a licensed showing to your intended audience for your intended purpose. If you intend to show any of our movies to your staff or any group of people for a private or public presentation, we invite you to invest in the required license and the High Definition, Full-Screen version provided for you on the webpage following each movie.


The license agreement that you get with the purchase of a downloaded or DVD move is quite simple, but legally binding.

For licensing movies for use on one computer / location click here.

For licensing movies for use in more than one location click here.

While each movie will have its own license wording, they all say essentially this:


Heart Productions & Publishing
Individual License Agreement for [movie title here] Movie Download
© 2024 by Mary Robinson Reynolds

The movie file contained in this download folder [movie title here] is for use by a single individual, organization, government body or corporation.

The movie may not be modified.

Your purchase of this download entitles you to:
- install the movie on one computer,
- create one back-up copy of the file, and
- show the movie to any audience, any number of times.

When the movie is shown to an audience, the title frames and ending credits must be shown in their entirety.

Use on a network, uploading to the Internet, installing on more than one computer, and making of multiple copies is prohibited.

This license is non-transferable.

Return Policy: All sales are final. Physical products will be replaced if defective or broken upon arrival.
You must contact us for a replacement immediately after receiving the product.
Downloadable products cannot be returned. Once downloaded, we have no way of recovering them.

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