A Personal Message... from Mary

I wanted to write you about a Question I get often:

Dear Mary,

I am a nurse educator in Yankton, SD and I found your BEAUTIFUL and inspiring movies on-line! Can I purchase your videos and use them in presentations that I would like to do for health-care facilities (hospitals and nursing homes)...it's so hard to find heart-warming movies to add at the end of a power point presentation that has a WOW factor, leaving participants a feeling of awe. Is it acceptable for me to do this with your movies? I looked on your site and couldn't find anything indicating that it would not be allowed. Please return my email ASAP, as I am in the process of purchasing media for presentations. Thank you in advance! GM, RN

Dear GM,

Yes, when we first started making our movies it never occurred to us that people would want to buy them and show them. Then the emails asking to have them to show started coming in. We either have them available on a DVD inserted into the back of the gift books they belong with, or as High Def, High Res Downloadables for public presentations and/or personal use, as well as full-movie Screensavers to play quietly on your computer screen when its inactive.

Thanks for asking ... you can click on the MOVIES button at the top of each webpage to see all of the movies with links to purchase either the DVDs or the downloadables.


Our intention with our movies is for people in health-care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, schools and businesses to feel peace and renewal from very basic, heart connecting, tried and true concepts.

We heard from one family that their father had so loved our www.ASilentNightMovie.com that he watched it daily throughout his transitioning. They played it at his funeral in August. That was truly an amazing gift that his life brought us.

The musical artist for our Silent Night movie, Dana Cunningham's CD is also available at our website after the movie. If you haven't listened to her samples yet, I think you will find her music creations are quite transformative and uplifting at the Success Store Button at the top of every webpage.


I would like you to know that each email I receive from you is another steppingstone in my journey. I found out that if I read each message there is something in it to guide me further on. I get the books, I do the studies, I make the thinking change, and things happen.

I am now saving my home from foreclosure; I am going into the classroom with students at risk with more confidence and more tools to help them; I am utilizing books such as Think and Grow Rich and applying Wattles statements to my own daily life.

Things are changing for me and there is more hope and more certainty of success for my life.

I want to express gratitude to you all for making the communications leap off the page. I wish to tell you how that some days when I read your e-mail I do not know if I can make it, and then I get your e-mail in the night or morning and I go forward.

God has directed you to your purpose and I know He will me as well.

Thank you for being obedient and listening to Him and helping all of us....and even me.

Showers of blessings on you and yours.....Merrilyn M