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Renowned jewelry designer Miché Meizner's

All Is Well ... Really! Pendant

Since I've been wearing this, I have a constant reminder that I am connected to the all that is. Remembering that I can let go and trust. The miraculous results I've received over this past month of simply wearing it, astound me.

That's why I felt deeply moved to bring this pendant to you!

Now Available in pure Gold!

The front of the pendant states a powerful intention "All Is Well," a core message in so many spiritual teachings, and features the image of a tree peaceful to sit and contemplate the message that "All Is Well" under a strong, old graceful tree. A stream runs alongside the tree, using the stream as a metaphor for your life energy, and everything you want is downstream. Drop the oars and let your own current of well-being carry you to the fulfillment of your desires.

The back of the pendant says "Really!" ...and reminds us that even as so many of us take the message of well-being in and embrace knowing that all is well, we have been programmed throughout our lives that this is "too good to be true" and can quickly flip over into disbelief and fear. So on one side of this exquisite pendant we assert that "All Is Well" and with the other side remind ourselves that even as doubt creeps in we can speak to that as well ...really? "REALLY!"

This beautiful pendant is made from eco-friendly gold that has been recycled, and features the artwork of renowned jewelry designer Miché Meizner - Onaclea of Sumiche Jewelry, Co.

In describing how this piece came to life she says ...
"For me, there's usually a period of adjustment between the time of embracing a new way to respond in my life and the time of really "getting it". Incorporating the change into my movements, my actions and reactions on a daily basis takes a certain vigilance. I want to notice both the moments of slipping into old patterns and the opportunities to forge new ones.

I designed this pendant to be a reminder, kept close at hand; a token, or charm if you will to touch on to reinforce my intentions. It works for me on a number of levels - I catch a flash of light glinting off the pendant and it sparks a moment of mindfulness. I find myself worrying over something and instinctively my hand goes to the pendant - a reassuring touch - I'm choosing a calmer path. If I take the pendant off ( and I rarely do) putting it back on is a subtle act of reaffirming my commitment to change. So far, I have to say it's been a great help. Putting "REALLY!" on the back was an extra little boost, a backup plan, because when times feel particularly tough, it's especially hard to keep the faith. To me, that one word is like a wink and nod from one who knows more (and better) than I do."

This All is Well Pendant is a simple, 24/7, ever present, non-intrusive, just the right amount way to remember ... you are never alone.

I didn't know how powerful it was when I first designed it.

It has only been in my own giving it to others and hearing back from customers that I came to see how potent this pendant's little message is and how soothing and healing for both the giver and receiver. In fact, I'm not sure which is more uplifting. I do know, having worn my pendant daily now for more than 6 months it is a great reminder well being and constant support for holding that view.

When I have given these meaningful, yet simple, pendants to friends, it's as though I am saying to them,"I know you know this, I know you can hear this and make use of the reminder in trying times. "

It is a powerful and positive connection between giver and receiver. Friends keep giving theirs away to other friends in moments of wishing to offer help or hope or friendship - and the circle continues.

My mother has always been encouraging and supportive of my jewelry making even when I was 13 and making silver initials and knot rings in the kitchen of our apartment. So it was no real surprise when she said she thought this pendant was wonderful. It was a surprise when she asked me to ship her 6 of them. I recently asked her what was it about this piece that inspired her to get half a dozen.

Her answer, "I have people very dear to me who have upbeat attitudes even through difficult circumstances. They still need a reminder at times that all really is well. I gave these to them because I know they would appreciate saying this to themselves."

One dear fellow she gave it to was moved nearly to tears to receive the gift and has been wearing it ever since. Mom kept one for herself and gave another 4 away. Still one in a drawer, waiting. Then one day over lunch a dear friend began to cry, confiding her fears that a recent life changing decisions she'd made was wrong. That's when it became clear "who" that last pendant was for. When her friend received it from her, she cried again, but this time in relief, leaning into the knowledge that all is well and trusting her own innate knowing.

A little message, given with love goes a long way. I hope you are inspired to know that all is well, really! and as live it you will radiate that to those whose lives you touch.

If you want to a touchstone or daily reminder - this pendant works like a charm! ... be well, Miché

A treasure to wear and a wonderful gift for everyone in your life who might benefit from its message, the solid gold WELL-BEING PENDANT comes beautifully packaged and ready to give in a handmade paper envelope with gift card and adjustable length cotton cord. Thick and textured like an ancient coin it can also be worn on a key ring or on a bracelet.

Buy one for yourself to wear as a constant reminder of your own well-being, and give them to family, friends, loved ones, coworkers and teachers.

Special Order Only - Call For Pricing and Delivery

Also Available in Sterling Silver Click Here

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