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Attention speakers, authors, trainers, coaches, managers, administrative professionals, business owners / entrepreneurs and service professionals who are ready to get this Attitudinal Energy message out to their audiences and organizations in a BIG WAY...

Attention husbands, wives, mothers and fathers seeking Team Synergy & Interplay in the home...

Free  Q&A Teleclass with Mary Reynolds (the TurnAround Specialist)

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"Is Team SYNERGY 101 UTRAIN&Coach™ For You?"

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.Here's what you're going to learn on this Q&A Call:

QUESTION 1: "I'd like to hear your thoughts on synergy especially in working with others when all are not initially cooperative. Sometimes it is difficult to reach win-win with some people." -Charlene

QUESTION 2: "What to do if those in your team don't accept your personality because of your style?" -Judy

QUESTION 3: "How do you get your entire staff to implement the exact same behavior plan, or do you give folks some flexibility as to how they handle their classroom and behavior consequences in their classroom?" -Sandra  [answer is also applicable to family and business]

QUESTION 4: "What is the easiest and fastest way to get someone to see MY point-of-view about a subject? Thank you!" -Dr. Cindy

QUESTION 5: What are your top 2 or 3 ways to eliminate fear and step into your own personal power? How do you continually stand up to "strong" personalities? Denise>

QUESTION 6: How do you stay focused when things are constantly happening around you? Expenses, sickness, death, business in downfall, etc. How do you focus on your good. I try affirmations or reading something positive, but you can't help but to fall back. What do you do?" - Marlena

QUESTION 7: I am 61 years old and have been working since 1971 along the same line of work, i.e., research and statistics. I plan to retire from work this January 2011 and probably take some part time teaching job so I won't get bored. How would your SYNERGY camp help me? -Edith

QUESTION 8: "I have come out of retirement after a very successful career to manage a small but complex public service entity. I consider myself a good leader and an example of a strong work ethic. We have weekly staff meetings and semi-annual retreats that are productive, but I am having trouble keeping individuals focused and on track with our mission and immediate goals /objectives." -Calvin

If you've never participated in one of my Q&As before, now is your chance to listen in, and glean immediately applicable transformational thinking. The resulting synergy it brings to your life will generate more alignment, civility and phenomenal productivity among the people that you live and work with. Listen in to see if this class is a perfect fit for what you need at this time.

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