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  • My download link expired. What do I do?
    The download links issued for orders that include downloadable product are good for several tries over a three-day period. If you are unsure whether a link is still good, try it. You will receive an informative message if it has expired. Call or leave a support ticket requesting a new link, and one...
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  • Unable to access the online course - has it expired?
    First, our online course registrations do not expire. Find the original email you received when you purchased the course, and see if it contains the answer to your problem. If not, submit a Support Ticket including at least one of these things, in order of preference: 1) The original Order Number...
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  • Online courses: what is the schedule, time limit?
    Our online courses and other downloadable "distance learning" products are all self-paced. Nothing is sent via email (after the initial packet.) There is no schedule or time limit. We have customers who come back to the courses for a 'refresher' over five years later.
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  • Can't get download materials - download failed - want my money back
    If you are using a computer that is on a school or business network, it is likely that the network administrators have disallowed downloads to protect the network. You can forward the link to your IT department and let them get it for you. It is likely that the cause of you problem is in their...
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  • What is the Customer Support Phone Number?
    Hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM to 7 PM EasternCall to place an order, ask a question, or get help with a product or website feature.603-382-8848
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  • Can't Log into Message Board in Online Course
    Two things: When you log into the course, you are automatically logged into the Request/Message Board. The Request/Message Board logs you off after 24 hours, but you are still logged into the course.If you have been on the system for over 24 hours, the solution is to go to the course index and log...
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