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  • Are the blue ribbons available? - in other languages?
    We supply wristbands with the Trademarked phrase: "I Make A Difference®" in blue. Go here to order: http://www.makeadifference.com/TYG/WB01.phpWe can custom-order the wristbands in any color and in any language. Minimum order quantity is 200 and there is a set-up charge of $200...
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  • Using a Purchase order / invoice instead of payment
    On most pages in our online store, there is a link for "Buying with a Purchase Order"That link goes to this page:https://secure.makeadifference.com/checkout/wholesaleSignupLoad.do?merchantId=HPPFollow the instructions on that page. The short explanation is this: fill out the form...
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  • Can we Purchase with a check?
    Q: Can we purchase these items with an order form and a check? Can you send us an order form with these items on it?A: Our online store is designed to do this for you. There are two ways to do it: "Pay By Check" option and "Purchase Order" option.1) With pay by...
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  • Can I use a video clip of your movie
    When you purchase a download or DVD containing a mini-movie, you are buying a license to:1) install it on one computer and 2) show it to any audience for any purpose any number of times. You are required to show it in its entirety (to include our copyright display) and you can embed it in a...
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  • Do you accept Purchase Orders?
    We accept P.O.'s from public and private schools, government agencies and established businesses (with D&B rating.)International: P.O.s are accepted from selected Canadian schools and companies, all priced and paid in US dollars. No other International P.O.s are accepted. You can order with...
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  • Purchase Orders from selected countries
    We are accepting orders from Schools and established businesses in Canada and Australia using Purchase Order under the following conditions: 1) You must submit orders via fax using the school or business' fax line on a Purchase Order form signed by a purchasing official that we can confirm via your...
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  • Is it too late to change shipping address or method?
    General principles about shipping: > All of our products are shipped out of a fulfillment warehouse in the Detroit, MI area (www.FulEx.com) > Orders placed at our online store are transmitted to our fulfillment warehouse within seconds after it is completed. > Any order placed...
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  • My download link expired. What do I do?
    The download links issued for orders that include downloadable product are good for several tries over a three-day period. If you are unsure whether a link is still good, try it. You will receive an informative message if it has expired. Call or leave a support ticket requesting a new link, and one...
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  • Can I return a product?
    First, go to our on-line store and see the No Returns policy that is shown on virtually every page of our store. Second, note that there was a No Returns Policy displayed on the screen just before you completed your order, and another one prints on the receipt. Down-loadable products, or hard goods...
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  • Unable to access the online course - has it expired?
    First, our online course registrations do not expire. Find the original email you received when you purchased the course, and see if it contains the answer to your problem. If not, submit a Support Ticket including at least one of these things, in order of preference: 1) The original Order Number...
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  • Online courses: what is the schedule, time limit?
    Our online courses and other downloadable "distance learning" products are all self-paced. Nothing is sent via email (after the initial packet.) There is no schedule or time limit. We have customers who come back to the courses for a 'refresher' over five years later.
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  • Do you count Saturday in "2nd Day" or "3rd Day" shipping?
    Short answer: No. If you need a package before the weekend, compute your shipping to arrive on Friday. Computing "Days" -Orders placed To arrive by Need to be before 1PM on: end of day: shipped via: Monday Friday ...
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  • Shipping: Do I get a Tracking Number with USPO?
    The only true "tracking number" available is with UPS shipping. Our US Postal Service shipments are all sent with a "delivery confirmation" number, which only tells us if you received the package after the fact. International shipments via the USPO can not be...
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  • How long will UPS Ground take to get here?
    That depends on where "here" is, of course. All of our shipping is done out of the Detroit, MI area. To get an exact answer to this question, go to the UPS estimating page: https://wwwapps.ups.com/ctc/request and enter your location and the following:Ship From: Warren, MI 48092...
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  • How long will it take for US Mail (USPS) to get here?
    The United States Postal Service (USPS or Post Office) does NOT guarantee delivery at all, let alone on a particular schedule.This is even true for "Express Mail" 'over night' service. First Class mail generally goes by air, but not always for heavier packages. It depends on their...
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  • Can I get a tracking number for my package?
    All you need is the ORDER NUMBER and Last Name on the shipping. Go here to track your order: http://www.makeadifference.com/TYG/track.phpYou will also receive an email at the end of the day that your package is shipped. For UPS shipping, you will receive the tracking number in the form of a...
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  • Can't get download materials - download failed - want my money back
    If you are using a computer that is on a school or business network, it is likely that the network administrators have disallowed downloads to protect the network. You can forward the link to your IT department and let them get it for you. It is likely that the cause of you problem is in their...
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  • What will Shipping cost?
    Our online store will answer your question precisely.The shipping cost will vary based on:1) the size and weight of the products you order,2) the method of shipping you select (UPS is guaranteed, USPS is NOT guaranteed)3) the distance from our shipping point near Detroit, MI to your location,4) the...
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  • International Shipping - Postal vs UPS
    We offer shipping wherever the US Postal Service will accept mail for and/or United Parcel Service (UPS) will deliver to. We DO NOT guarantee postal delivery. Is is much less expensive but highly unpredictable as to loss or damage. The postal service does not guarantee their service, so we...
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  • What is the Customer Support Phone Number?
    Hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM to 7 PM EasternCall to place an order, ask a question, or get help with a product or website feature.603-382-8848
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