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Moviecards - electronic greeting cards


  • RE: receivers can't open your movies
    We haven't gotten it in the FAQ yet, but there seems to be some issues with the new Safari browser not working with parts of the Moviecard *sending* system. We are not yet aware of any browser incompatibility in receiving and viewing the Moviecards. There is a Help / FAQ page; link is on top of...
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  • Moviecard can't be previewed or sent with Safari 4.0.5
    The Safari browser has stopped working for our Moviecards system since the release of 4.0.5 for MacIntosh. We have tested the system on Safari 4.0.5 for Windows and sent a card without incident, so at least the Windows version seems to work OK. Other users who had this problem were using Safari...
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  • Are these prices in US Dollars?
    All prices throughout our website are in US dollars.The checkout system will do everything in USD, then your bank will do the conversion to your currency.
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  • How do I send a movie card? I do not see an option for receivers info or how to send.
    1) Be sure to LOG IN after you complete your registration. The [LogIn] button will show in the top right until you do.2) Check out the [Help/FAQ] page and [Get Started Videos] links in the top left of the Moviecards homepage for lots of instructions on every detail of the system.
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  • Recurring Annual Billing
    All eGreeting Cards are FREE to send. You will never be billed again.You will be given 10 days notice before any recurring charge is placed on your charge card.To cancel the recurring billing, please contact 2CheckOut.com directly, as they are the entity that will be doing the billing.Their...
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  • I am not able to log in as a new member on Moviecards page
    You cannot send cards until you register. Registration is FREE. There are videos and a help page on the Moviecards site home page.Please go back to the Moviecards site home page and find the links to the help page and the videos on the top left.There are two steps to becoming a paid member of the...
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  • What is the Customer Support Phone Number?
    Hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM to 7 PM EasternCall to place an order, ask a question, or get help with a product or website feature.603-382-8848
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