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MasterMinding 101 Online Course Request Board is not letting me on

When you log onto the MasterMinding 101 Online Course you are automatically logging onto the Request Board (Discussion Board, Bulletin Board, or "BB") system simultaneously.

However, the BB has a "time-out" mechanism which logs you off if there is no activity on the BB - regardless of activity on the Online Course. "No activity" means you have not clicked on any thing inside the BB itself.

Consequently, if you have been reading the course for a period of time (we haven't found the setting for it yet, but believe it to be 30 minutes) when you go to the BB you find you are not logged in - and are notallowed to log in.

SOLUTION: close your browser (all windows you are using to view the Internet) and then re-start your browser from the Start menu or desktop icon. Navigate back to the online course log in ( http://www.makeadifference.com/MasterMinding101/ ) log in fresh, the go directly to the BB and you will find yourself set to go.

PS the link to the BB is below Session 12 on the course index.

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