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Can't get download materials - download failed - want my money back

If you are using a computer that is on a school or business network, it is likely that the network administrators have disallowed downloads to protect the network. You can forward the link to your IT department and let them get it for you. It is likely that the cause of you problem is in their control of downloads.

Here is an outline of the download process:

> Find the link in the email. It will look like this:   http://secure.makeadifference.com/orders/4HCXK4

> Click on the link or copy it and paste it into the address bar of your browser. NOTE for AOL users: paste the link into a browser outside of AOL.

> A browser page will open with labels describing the items to be downloaded on the left and the download links on the right.

> Click the desired link and a download will begin immediately. This part looks different on various operating systems and configurations.

> The file will be transferred from the download server to your computer. The settings in your computer will determine where the file will be placed in your system, ready to use.

> GENERALLY, the file will be put in a folder named \Downloads\ - or - put on your desktop.

> For files that are compressed in 'zip' archive, see this page: http://www.makeadifference.com/TYG/UnZip.htm


If the link is more than five days old or has been attempted more than five times, you will be getting a message that it has expired when you attempt it again. Open a support ticket requesting a new download link, and include the ORDER NUMBER on which you purchased the product that included the download.


If you are still having trouble after trying the new link, please call Customer Support and someone can go through the process with you. We have a very high success rate when the customer is willing to work through the process with our help.

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