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How long will it take for US Mail (USPS) to get here?

The United States Postal Service (USPS or Post Office) does NOT guarantee delivery at all, let alone on a particular schedule.
This is even true for "Express Mail" 'over night' service. First Class mail generally goes by air, but not always for heavier packages. It depends on their load volume.

Everything moves 1 to 5 days slower in December.

When you select USPS shipping on our site, you assume ALL responsibility for the package once it leaves our shipping facility.
This includes lost, delayed or damaged packages, as well as packages delivered with the contents missing.
USPS does not guarantee their service, so we cannot take the responsibility when you select USPS instead of the guaranteed UPS service.

To clarify, any item shipped via United Parcel Service IS guaranteed to be delivered on time and in good condition.

USPS is NOT guaranteed to arrive in good condition - damage claim is between you and the USPS.

USPS is NOT guaranteed to arrive in a timely manner. 

USPS is NOT guaranteed to arrive at all.

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