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Unsubscribe - Remove Address from List

To unsubscribe from any legitimate subscription, look at the bottom of the message.

By law, there should be a link or email address with which you can unsubscribe yourself.

The email address that you usually send email from may not be on any list in our possession.

At the bottom of our messages, it also informs you of the specific address to which the message is being sent.

It is possible that a different address is automated to forward to your address.

It is also possible that someone is forwarding it to you, so take care not to unsubscribe your friend if they left the link at the bottom when they forwarded it to you.

If you prefer to not click on unsubscribe links, please forward the next message you get to us at this address: "SUPPORT@MakeADifference.com" and we will use the information at the bottom of the message to assure that the situation is rectified.

NEVER hit "Reply" to a newsletter, as the reply-to address is used solely for processing bounces from bad addresses in the list.

The reply-to address In Box is never seen by human eyes, so any reply you send there is deleted automatically without being seen.

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