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Can I use a video clip of your movie

When you purchase a download or  DVD containing a mini-movie, you are buying a license to:

1) install it on one computer and

2) show it to any audience for any purpose any number of times.

You are required to show it in its entirety (to include our copyright display) and you can embed it in a PowerPoint presentation for your own use (ie: not for further distribution or use by others.

The DVD can be played on a TV, but also contains computer files for High Definition Flash, as well as QuickTime and Windows Media versions.

The license you buy with the movie does NOT give you the right to upload, stream, copy, distribute or include the movie in any other production. The ONE exception to this is 'embedding' the movie into a presentation like Power Point, but ONLY for showing from one computer to an audience. This does not include inserting it into any presentation or learning system that is distributed by any means.

We do also sell "Site License" for each movie, which is designed for schools and businesses to post the movie on an Intra-net with not more than 100 nodes, or install it on up to 100 individual computers. See the movie sites online for more information on this form of licensing.

http://www.makeadifference.com/TYG/DVMM.php is the only way to purchase the Acknowledgment Movie. This DVD also includes the Teddy Stallard Story movie, which is included in the purchase of the "Make A Difference With Compassion" book as well.

http://www.makeadifference.com/movies/ for other movies and downloads.

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