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  • Can I get a copy of a previous Newsletter?
    We do not have any blog-type compilation of past newsletters, but we do post many of the subjects of newsletters as "Free Articles" Go to the Home page, and click on [Free Resources] to see a listing.
    0.00 - 05/26/2010 - Similar Articles
  • Can I use a video clip of your movie
    When you purchase a download or DVD containing a mini-movie, you are buying a license to:1) install it on one computer and 2) show it to any audience for any purpose any number of times. You are required to show it in its entirety (to include our copyright display) and you can embed it in a...
    0.00 - 11/29/2010 - Similar Articles
  • International Purchase Orders - Other Countries
    We do not offer purchase-order (ship now, pay later) service to International customers (all other Countries except for selected customers in Canada and Australia.)Please enter your order with a charge card, or select "Pay by Money Order" and send payment in US Dollars in advance...
    0.00 - 05/18/2010 - Similar Articles
  • MasterMinding 101 Online Course Request Board is not letting me on
    When you log onto the MasterMinding 101 Online Course you are automatically logging onto the Request Board (Discussion Board, Bulletin Board, or "BB") system simultaneously.However, the BB has a "time-out" mechanism which logs you off if there is no activity on...
    0.00 - 07/02/2010 - Similar Articles
  • Unsubscribe - Remove Address from List
    To unsubscribe from any legitimate subscription, look at the bottom of the message. By law, there should be a link or email address with which you can unsubscribe yourself. The email address that you usually send email from may not be on any list in our possession. At the bottom of our messages, it...
    2.00 - 05/26/2010 - Similar Articles
  • What is the Customer Support Phone Number?
    Hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM to 7 PM EasternCall to place an order, ask a question, or get help with a product or website feature.603-382-8848
    0.00 - 10/14/2010 - Similar Articles


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