Who I am and Why It May Be Important to You ...

I am Mary Robinson Reynolds, Founder and CEO of Heart Productions & Publishing: MakeADifference.com

A year ago, I suddenly started to experience intense physical symptoms. I'm not going to go through all of the details, because I do not want to give much thought or energy to what happened, other than to say it was intense, and I was unable to move with any degree of comfort anywhere in my body.

Earlier that year, my husband, Craig, and I had started taking ballroom dancing lessons and going out 2-3 nights a week to dance. It was the first time in over 10 years I had pulled myself away from my computer long enough to start the road back to fun physical activity... and so I was surprised that I found myself disabled and in so much pain.

Of course, I went to my doctor to take tons of expensive blood tests and for pain meds to try to get some relief. The tests all came back negative (no problems found,) so she referred me to a specialist. The "specialty" of the practitioner I was supposed to go to told me what condition she thought I had, which was not life-threatening, but I did not want to accept the diagnosis.

So my family and I prayed about this decision, and together we felt that I should not pursue the drugs for this before I'd given alternative therapies a chance. The TV commercials for this type of condition say I could get out of pain, but oh, by the way, one of the side effects of these drugs could be death. Unlike Steve Jobs' pancreatic cancer, this was not an operable condition.

Going to this particular specialist would guarantee me a diagnosis with a prognosis which says that there is no cure for this so, it's basically hopeless, and you are stuck with taking drugs to "handle it" for the rest of your life.

Clearly it was time to take charge of my health at a new level so I brought this problematic situation into our weekly MasterMind sessions, setting goals and intentions, and continuing my daily practice of praying and meditating.

I increased my Chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massages and EFT sessions to help my body heal itself. I always felt better after my adjustments and restoring my health was slow going in the first two months...

BACK UP 20 years... In 1991, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and several other things like Epstein Bar and Fibromyalgia, and there was literally nothing that the medical profession could offer me at that time that I could find.

A girlfriend took me to see Linda, a Certified Natural Health Professional, who used Muscle Testing to determine what systems of my body needed the most nutritional support, what supplements would strengthen those areas and what amounts to take.

Linda worked specifically with Nature's Sunshine's nutritional supplements and within the first 9 months of consulting with her, I was functional again as a wife, mother and as a speaker traveling around the United States doing a city a day, five days in a row, two weeks a month!

Miracles: Not only was I able to be fully functional again, but she discovered the Nature Sunshine herbal combinations that completely took care of the daily headaches and debilitating monthly migraines I'd had since I was a teenager! I never thought in a million years I would ever be able to get rid of the migraines without addictive prescription pain medication!

Fast forward to the present... At this juncture of our lives, we had moved 3000 miles away from Linda, so I could no longer run to her office for daily or weekly muscle testing, even though I had continued to consult with her as needed by phone and continued to order my Nature Sunshine Products online as a Wholesale Buyer in her distributorship.

With this new Health Opportunity, I needed an immediate and long-term solution.

Linda had just started using the ZYTO Compass in her business and was having her clients use it with excellent results, so she explained what it did, and that with it I could find out from it what my body's preferences were and quite possibly get to the root of what was going on over time with this new, non-invasive, Biotechnology.

I went online and bought it immediately. I intuitively knew I needed this and I needed it now...

It arrived the first of December (month 3,) and I did my first scan and started using exactly what supplements my body preferred from Nature's Sunshine as I had been enjoying the benefits of their products for 20+ years.

In taking charge of my Health Opportunity, MasterMinding and setting Health and Comfort GOALs for myself, one of which was to be physically comfortable enough that I would be back ballroom dancing with my husband for New Year's Eve 2010...

With alternative health care in combination with the Compass identifying specifically what my body preferred for supplemental nutritional support, I was able to dance again on New Year's Eve, and as you can see by the picture, we had a wonderful time ...

Another Miracle with the Compass came several months later when I began noticing that the biological preferences that kept showing up was for a Nature's Sunshine Product called Adrenal Support. Because I am a person of action, I bought a book on Adrenal Fatigue and discovered that, while my symptoms were presenting like 4-5 different incurable diseases, this is exactly what Adrenal Fatigue is all about.

This entire past year I have made simple life changes – like resting every afternoon – and have continued scanning my body with the Compass every 3-4 weeks to find out what my next 30 Day Nutritional Program preferences need to be. It takes 3-5 days to receive my new regimen in the mail, so I plan accordingly.

I take prescription bio-identical hormone replacement medicine, so I take that in the morning then wait 3-4 hours before scanning my body. Both Craig and I do this scan every month.

Cost for our health? Averages to $3 a day, each
– the price of a specially made coffee.

We don't over analyze the results, we just read about what the information connected to the specific nutritional supplements explains and it helps me understand more about my body's specific preferences.


Important to Note: a Growing, Thriving Practice in a declining economy! That while many Health Practitioner’s Practices have been declining with the shift in the economy since 2008, Linda’s business, (the Certified Natural Health Professional who I’ve been with for 20 years) has grown to the point where I have to wait 3-4 weeks to get an consultation with her now.

About Stress & Stressors:
What is important to realize here is that the
ZYTO Compass is engaging you with your patients, helping you "see into" their individual body preferences, to help you help them.

It is such an easy way for practitioners to stay engaged with your patients and have them coming back to continue a healthy lifestyle with specific and comprehensive, ongoing nutritional support.

Even though I am not a Health Practitioner, I now own the ZYTO Compass, and while I may or may not get regular treatments from my health care providers, scanning for myself once every 30 days is something I look forward to, and then ordering my nutritional supplements, is easy online or by phone.

My first point being that the person who "educated" me on my body preferences (Linda) by introducing me to the ZYTO Compass continues to receive residual income from me through my investment in getting healthy, having energy and staying well, as I continue ordering my own products under her distributorship, even though I am now 3000 miles away from where she lives.

I may not get an adjustment, massage, acupuncture, counseling or coaching from a fitness trainer on any given week, but my family and I continuously consume our nutritional supplements, ordering every month, to remain as healthy as we possibly can.

Priorities shift and change in the ebb and flow of our economy be we've never once stopped ordering and taking our supplements to meet the stress demands of the times we live in.

My second point
is that not everyone is as proactive for their health as I am by investing in my own compass, AND that means that they are just that more likely to remain engaged with you and keep coming to see you on a regular basis to get your treatment specialty and Compass scan regularly.

There is this "old school" belief that, as practitioners, you have to have something (your expertise and/or supplements that only practitioners have access to) that the general public does not have so they "have" to keep coming to you.

This amazing biotechnology keeps their interest engaged with you. It will increase their connection to what you have to offer. You are educating them about the importance of knowing what their body preferences are and using products that will be synergistically specific to them.

My third point:
there is continuous word of mouth that happens when they tell their family and friends which will expand and grow your practice!

The ZYTO Compass is like a cookie. You set it on the table, and somebody is going to reach for it and want what it has to offer them!

Times are changing, and people are taking more interest and responsibility in finding the answers for their health ... there has never been a better time than now to learn more!

As you know already, I am an educator first and foremost in the areas of the mind, body and spirit ...and when you join with me on this adventure in creating health and wealth, you will receive continuous support, teleseminars and webinars that you will be entitled to as my business associate in this endeavor.