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ZYTO Compass and Natures Sunshine Products
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ZYTO Compass Hand Cradle
Discover what your body prefers! 2 minutes

How the ZYTO Compass works... 3 minutes
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ZYTO Compass video explaining what the compass is and what it does ... 3 minutes

ZYTO Technology: Interview with Dr. Vaughn Cook 4 minutes

What if... you had a tool for increasing patient referrals? 3 minutes

Learn what these practitioners say about ZYTO technology. 1 minute

ZYTO Balance explained by Dr. Julie Marchiol 3.5 minutes

Overiew of ZYTO Balance system: Dr. Vaughn Cook 4 minutes

ZYTO Technology: Stress and Stressors 9.5 minutes

WEBINAR with Nutritional Business Builder Lorna, who tripled her business with the Compass this last year, after having been in the business for 19 years. Excerpt of video below with Dr. Vaughn Cook - 6 minutes.

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WEBINAR: Dr. Vaughn Cook In 1 hour: Zyto Compass Education Webinar You will be able to Bridge the Biotechnology into your existing Health Care Expertise

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WEBINAR: Dr. Vaughn Cook  Answers Questions from Webinar Attendees - 18 minutes.

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Quality at Every Step (See Consumer Presentation Page)

Watch the video about the NSP manufacturing process to learn more.

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An UNEXPECTED Conversation
with my Chiropractor!

A few weeks ago, I had one of those "casual but mysteriously interesting" conversations with my Chiropractor, Dr. Beth. I've been enjoying her adjustments and friendship for 6 years now, and we visit openly about anything and everything when I come in for my adjustments.

As I arrived at her office that day, I overheard her telling her assistant she was at a place where she really wanted to expand her business, and so off the cuff I said, "Tell me more about that."

Knowing that I also run my own business, she shared with me that she had time in her day to easily see 'x' number of patients, but no matter how much marketing, MasterMinding and goal setting she'd been doing, she had only been able to bring in 60% of the number of patients she wanted.

And that's when I said, without a nanosecond of hesitation, "Ya know, I have found in my own business that whenever something is not happening, even though I've MasterMinded and done all that I can do to generate it, and there is still time to fill, I start to realize that something bigger is trying to happen with that available time. Have you ever thought about residual income?"

She paused and said, "Well, yes I have thought about it and have researched direct marketing (network marketing) on many occasions over the years, but have never found the right fit for what I want to be able to responsibly and confidently recommend to my patients and not feel salesy, forced or pushy about it."

I said, "Well, I can MasterMind with you that you are now willing to know exactly what you want, and that would be a perfect fit for you. What you can expect is that within 1 to 3 days, you will most likely receive 3 clear signs as to what you would really enjoy doing to expand your business in a way that doesn't necessarily take up more of you."

With that, I headed out the door, and as I got in my car I thought, "What the heck just happened?!"

Having been one of the Top 50 Producers in another direct marketing company 15 years ago, I hadn't thought about residual income since then, because our own Internet business was keeping us busy and financially independent.

The next morning, after my morning meditation, I turned on my computer and realized it had been a month since my last ZYTO Compass Assessment for my Nutritional Supplement Program.

I order my supplements online from the nutritional company I've been with for 20+ years, Nature's Sunshine Products. Even though it is a leading direct marketing company with 40 years of providing the finest nutritional support available throughout the world, I had never been able to get my mind around an easy way to build it into my existing business, MakeADifference.com.

As I placed my hand in the Compass cradle to get my assessment on the nutritional support program my body preferred for the next 30 days, I suddenly realized what I was "sitting on," so to speak.

The "unexpected" conversation that had unfolded with Dr. Beth was not a coincidence. Because I had the "key" to what she'd been looking for...

1) A way to easily expand her practice with the attractor factor of the Compass:

The Compass is like a cookie, everyone will reach for it and want to have their body scanned and then giving their body what it prefers...

She sets up the compass, a computer and a printer in the waiting room where everyone can see the video explanation playing continuously on the computer screen. People have the option of getting their bodies scanned before coming in for their adjustment and consultation with her.

She goes over the Compass assessment report with them about what their body's preferences are and how this information will impact how she proceeds with their treatment today.

As she reads of the report with them, she asks them questions about how they've been feeling to tie in what's been going on with them and what the report has identified.

2) A way to confidently help her patients decide on a 30-Day Nutritional Supplement Program based on their own body preferences which she believes will help them "hold" their adjustments longer to feel better and stay better.

She concludes her time with them by asking, "Would you like to order the 30 Day Nutritional Supplement Program your body has shown it prefers today?" If they are hesitant, she simply gives them their report to take home with them, letting them know that they are welcome to call back at any time to order these. Keeping it Light & Easy ...

If she senses it's a money issue, she can suggest they invest in the first 2-3 recommendations that bring in the most bio-markers, simply stressing the importance to start feeling better and holding their adjustment / treatment a little longer.

3) Continued involvement and connection with her patients. Once they are feeling better, they will continue to come back to the office for ongoing scanning and their next 30 Day Nutritional Supplement Program to meet their individual needs.

4) Educating them about taking control of their own health. As she places their order for their first 30 Day Nutritional Supplement Program, she does it with them through the ordering process online, or by phone, getting them their own Wholesale Buyer membership discounts on their first order. They receive their own password and access so they can order again and again on their own. All of their sales go to her distributorship, growing her business with ongoing residual income.

5) Her individual consultation teaches her patient how to listen to her own body. If they are feeling good on their program and have run out of product, they can order their own supplements when they run out AND/ OR, if they feel like they are ready for their next scan they can get in to do that before deciding on their next 30 Day Program.

6) Have an automatic increase in word-of-mouth patient referrals to those who may not want a Chiropractic adjustment the first time in, but because their friends and family are feeling so much better, come in for a Compass Consultation to get their own 30-Day Nutritional Supplement Program (charging $35 - $50 for those people who are not yet patients - free service to those who are.)

7) A residual income component that attracts patients to it and expands itself exponentially without her having to study and learn additional marketing programs. All she will need to do is hand off my TURN-KEY Internet Marketing System to her assistants and web designer, and keep growing along steadily.

NEVER BEFORE has the attractor factor for direct sales through network marketing ever been this easy and attainable.

You will be helping your patients / clients learn just how easy it is to get the most out of their adjustments / treatments with you AND take control of their health with a concise supplementation program by simply adding biocommunication technology with the ZYTO Compass to your existing practice.

Who I am and Why It
May Be Important to You ...

A year ago, I suddenly started to experience intense physical symptoms. I'm not going to go through all of the details, because I do not want to give much thought or energy to what happened, other than to say it was intense, and I was unable to move with any degree of comfort anywhere in my body.

Earlier that year, my husband, Craig, and I had started taking ballroom dancing lessons and going out 2-3 nights a week to dance. It was the first time in over 10 years I had pulled myself away from my computer long enough to start the road back to fun physical activity... and so I was surprised that I found myself disabled and in so much pain.

Of course, I went to my doctor to take lots of expensive blood tests and for pain meds to try to get some relief. The tests all came back negative (no problems found,) so she referred me to a specialist. The "specialty" of the practitioner I was supposed to go to told me what condition she thought I had, which was not life-threatening, but I did not want to accept the diagnosis.

So my family and I prayed about this decision, and together we felt that I should...
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Taking the Guesswork Out of Wellness - The Bio-Survey

Our feature technology, the ZYTO Compass, enables us to perform a Bio-Survey of your body, which allows us to evaluate the stress of each of your body's systems, identify the underlying causes of stress in each of these systems, and pinpoint the remedies which your body prefers to bring itself back into balance...
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Your Livelihood Is
As Simple As
  1, 2, 3

Why Take Action Now?

1) Phase 1, Make A Living:
Expanding your livelihood with Word-of-Mouth referrals begins the day you set up your Compass in the waiting room with a sign next to it that says, "Bio-Scanning is now complementary to our existing patients/clients as part of your consultation ...

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An Unprecedented

BONUS: Don't have a Website Designer? We will set you up with your own webpage following this template with your story and your contact information for you to implement Phase 3 of your exponential business expansion and growth.

BONUS: With ME sponsoring you as a business associate,
you will receive Linda's (See My Story) a CERTIFIED NATURAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL with 23 years of expertise with Nature Sunshine Products, muscle testing and working with the ZYTO Compass. Any question you may have you can email me at SUPPORT and together with Linda, we will go over every question and give you answers so you can be seamless in bringing this to your patients/clients.

BONUS: Join with me, as my Business Associate, and you will receive my expertise in helping you expand your reach. You will receive My TURN KEY Internet Marketing System that you can have fun doing yourself OR you can have your office assistants do during those times when things are slow.

BONUS: You will receive Continuous connection to me, my expertise in coaching, training, Q&A teleseminars on compensation planning, financial goal setting, prosperity consciousness coaching, training, MasterMinding and webinars
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If it is to be... it is up to me!

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