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Make A Difference® with The Power of Acknowledgment
UTRAIN® Program Activities Package For Churches
A Comprehensive Activities for Staff Training, PLUS 6 Sermon/Talk SERIES

  Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment  
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Mary Robinson Reynolds has created a Program For Churches to carry out a "Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment," with daily activities and easy to implement outlines.

The intention that set the foundation for this program is that it takes 30 days to integrate a new habit. Therefore, in order to positively impact the culture of a chruch, the pastor, program director, teacher and staff will commit to utilizing Mary's activities in meetings and trainings. The activities that are designed for this program directly, gently and yet powerfully address the Social Emotional Issues surrounding self-esteem, to create an energized and uplifted core group and congregation.

The goal for everyone is to learn how to successfully acknowledge others and thereby teach each person exactly how to Fill Their Own Cups and Step More Fully Into Their Own Greatness, Hopes and Dreams.

The remaining Activities Programs will be devoted to additional Acknowledgment Activities and Exercises to keep the momentum of "Make A Difference" going forward, reaching out further and further into local communities.


The activities can be adapted to a One-Day, a Week or a Month-long Program. In all of the variations, this program will help each person develop a strong Sense of "self" and "purpose," and provide the motivation for developing positive Life Skills.

When you order this Program Package for the number of participants in your church, here is what you will receive:

  81 PowerPoint Slides - A Complete Presentation with easy-to-follow Script

  114-page UTrain® Leader's Guide PDF Notebook-size with Presenter's Outline PDF to accompany the PowerPoint Slideshow, giving you a pre-packaged training solution.

  27-page Presentation Notes Word doc and PDF

  29-page Participant Workbook PDF

  6 -50 minute Lesson/Session Plans you can either expand on and lengthen or contract and shorten.

  6 Sermon Starters to coordinate with the Lesson/Session Plans.

  All 6 MOVIES embedded to play within the PowerPoint Presentation:

  A Reinforcing Learning Mini-Poster PDF

  A Training Session Feedback Form PDF

  Certificate of Completion Form PDF

  A Program Announcement mini-poster - PDF to print and post throughout your facility (with a blank text box in which to add your training session information).

Invest in MDPA for Churches UTrain® Program and

Be 100% Trained up and READY to KICK OFF YOUR
Make A Difference PROGRAM!

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Agenda for VIRTUAL Training
via MP3 Audio TeleConference Recording:

Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment UTRAIN®
Virtual 'Train the Trainer' MP3 Audio Training

In this TeleConference recording, Mary will walk you through exactly how to get Everyone on the same page to see the entire program through from beginning to end (the nay-sayers, the disgruntled and Yes, even the skeptical and the oppositional).

She will walk you through your MDPA Kick-Off Talk, and each Day/Lesson step-by-step so you can experience and be ready to get back to your community and make it happen!

space Getting everyone's buy-in to doing the program. Your KICK OFF Talk to launch your Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment Week (or Month) site-wide. Mary will walk you step-by-step through approaching Schools and/or School Districts decision makers to bring this program in before reaching out into the community businesses for sponsorship.


Yes! I'm Ready To Shine My Light and Make A Positive Difference.

Invest in the MDPA UTrain® Program and
Take up to 85% OFF the first 1400 Wristbands!

(additional Wristbands at the regular quantity discount price)

Invest in Your Church, Your Future & REGISTER TODAY

There are 3 ways to acquire your program:

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Option 1:
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Immediate Electronic Delivery - Download - Leader's Guide, Lesson / Session Plans, PowerPoint Slides with Movies embedded within the Presentation - ready to go!

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Option 2:
Physical Only

The entire program shipped to you in Full Binder with DVD-ROM of PowerPoint Presentation and all Movies.

Physical Delivery
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Option 3:
Digital & Physical

The entire program shipped to you in Full Binder with DVD-ROM of PPt, all Movies PLUS Immediate Electronic Delivery - Download - ready to go!

Both Electronic &
Physical Delivery

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To follow the Program Recommendations, you will need to

Order 10 Stickers and 4 Wristbands Per Recipient

Choose the quantity of Wristbands you want IN the Shopping Cart

Order "I Make A Difference®" Wristbands WITH the Program:   See Pricing

Order "I Make A Difference Stickers" WITH the Program:   See Pricing

Design your own Program,
use Mary's UTRAIN
® Program,
or Have Mary Present the Training!

OPTION 1: Acknowledgment Ceremony
D.I.Y. [Do It Yourself]:   Buy the Acknowledgment Movie, Play the Movie then do the
3-Step "I Make A Difference®" Acknowledgment for Random Acknowledgment or for a Planned Event. [Each Wristband and/or Sticker order includes a download of the 3-Step Ceremony.] CLICK HERE to ORDER Wristbands / Stickers 3-4 Weeks Ahead of your Event.

OPTION 2: Make A Difference Program (select from THIS PAGE)
D.I.Y. [Do It Yourself]:   UTRAIN® Leader's Guide: provides sample talks, assemblies/in-services and activities, from 25 minute segments to 50 to 80 minute sessions; plan a Make A Difference DAY, WEEK, or MONTH

OPTION 3: Have Mary Do It: click here

We advise you to place your order at least 3 weeks in advance of your scheduled event to assure we will have products to fulfill your order. Wristbands and stickers may sell out before the replacement products arrive. Please call if you have an upcoming event occurring soon.

You Can Do This
Mary Explains The TIME FACTOR
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Each of these Movies is included in the Program
Acknowledgment Movie
Connecting With Colors Movie
Eagle Parable Movie
Make A Difference Movie
What I Can Say When I Talk To Myself Movie
The Simple Gesture Movie
Click to see Movie Selection

God's Business at 35,000 Feet

I went to sleep last night embracing and recalling the various Acknowledgment opportunities in my life. 

This experience comes to mind because business is not always business as we would perceive it to be. God's business is always present and available, as long as we are open to realizing He has set our appointments.
I sat in my seat on a cross-country flight. As always, I was buried deep in my work in order to distract myself from the boring drone of the engines and to take me mentally away from the mundane nature of yet another airplane trip.

As I sat there, I could not help but overhear the conversation taking place behind me, between a father and his son. What a beautiful exchange. The father was explaining the wing of the air craft and the physics of lift. The conversation continued for almost the entire flight. What struck me was not the content of the conversation but the fact that this father was actively participating in the experience of life with his son. What a beautiful relationship and expression of a fathers love.

Moreover, the distinction within me, that such a conversation was an exception and not the rule. I was moved by the love in the father's voice and the excitement in the voice of his son as they shared and exchanged the learning opportunity of this travel experience. I buried myself in my work and continued to my destination.

The conference that weekend was wonderful, and I found it necessary to cancel my return flight and spend an extra night providing mentoring for one of the conference participants. Monday morning found me once again settling in, preparing for yet another cross country flight to my next conference.

As I placed my bag in the overhead compartment I glanced behind me and low and behold, a few rows back sat the same father and son duo. At that point I experienced that inner twinge, that prompt of the innate, that this was not just a coincidental happenstance.

Once airborne and in a position to "move about the cabin" I took three Blue Wristbands from my briefcase and moved from my seat and introduced myself to the father and his son. I explained how I had been sitting in front of them on the previous Thursday and how moved I was by the love and obvious connectivity between a father and a son. I acknowledged the father for his attentive and loving leadership and dedication to his son. I then presented him with a Blue Wristband and gave him two more and encouraged him to pass on this ... click to read on to the part that will choke you up


Make A Difference Acknowledgment Programs are Recommended by...

"We were experiencing a very challenging time within the organization and it was important for us to recognize those people who have truly helped us make a difference in what we do and how we do it. Mary Robinson Reynolds' 'I Make A Difference' Wristbands and Stickers were a very powerful and meaningful way for us to express our gratitude for their contributions. The process had amazing results in people's attitudes."
– Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder & Chairman of BNI, Business Networking International, as well as a New York Times best-selling author.

"I got the stickers - the Acknowledgment Movie and the stickers were a HUGE hit today! Yeah! Thanks."
– Suzanne Steele, Balanced Wellness, LLC

"Mary, I just dropped my son at school after a very difficult morning ... one of many. Patrick and I have one of those 'clashing' relationships where we are constantly bickering with one another. Your email arrived just in time and I watched the Teddy Stallard story. A box of tissues later I realize that 'I Am' the problem. I hear myself talking and that's all I hear sometimes. Thanks for reminding me that if I want change, I need to create an environment of gratitude, laughter and encouragement. I know that, but today I needed the reminder and recharge. This time I won't forget. Rather than respond to 'my Teddy's' sarcastic tone, I'll stop jumping in with an answer. We fight for independence. The mirror is a powerful tool and a very scary realization. Patrick is a wonderfully kind, sensitive, creative young man who has much to offer the people around him, including me. I just need to give him a chance to share that. I see more laughter in our household. That's a good thing. Just need to keep it going.

"I learned something the other day .... the word 'listen' when you change the letters spells 'silent'. Thank you."
– Terri Stanganelli

"Thank you for doing what you are doing. You do make a difference. A box of Kleenex isn't enough. Your movies are so moving, they touched my heart and opened my eyes. In a world of 'what more can I get' I see the greater value in 'what can I give' . I have two young girls who will each receive a letter of acknowledgement and appreciation when they get home from school today. Thank you for inspiring me to inspire them."
– Barb Moxsom

"Thank you for this encouragement. Yesterday was a very hard day filled with hopelessness. I am holding on and have to have internal fight to get through all of what I am facing. Your movie gave me hope, something to hang onto. I will be watching this through the day when the hopelessness returns. Thank you Mary, you made a difference today in my life."
– Catherine Renee

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