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Make A Difference® with The Power of Acknowledgment
UTRAIN® Program Activities Package For Education - Grades K-12
A Comprehensive Activities Program

  Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment  
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Mary Robinson Reynolds has created a Program For Education - Grades K-12 to carry out a "Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment," with daily activities and easy to implement outlines.

The intention that set the foundation for this program is that it takes 30 days to integrate a new habit. Therefore, in order to positively impact the culture of a school, the PTA/PTO Leaders, Teachers and Staff will commit to utilizing Mary's activities in classrooms and assemblies. The activities that are designed for this program directly, gently and yet powerfully address the Social Emotional Issues surrounding self-esteem, to create an academically lifted school culture.

The goal for everyone is to learn how to successfully acknowledge others and thereby teach each student exactly how to Fill Their Own Cups and Step More Fully Into Their Own Greatness, Hopes and Dreams.

The remaining Activities Programs will be devoted to additional Acknowledgment Activities and Exercises to keep the momentum of "Make A Difference" going forward, reaching out further and further into communities.


The activities can be adapted to a One-Day, a Week or a Month-long Program. For the greatest impact, the Month-long model offers one week of daily activities followed by 3 weeks of weekly activity-based learning. In all of the variations, this program will help each student develop a strong Sense of "self" and "purpose," and provide the motivation for developing positive Life Skills.

When you order this Program Package for the number of participants in your school, here is what you will receive:

  81 PowerPoint Slides - A Complete Presentation with easy-to-follow Script

  148-page UTrain® Leader's Guide PDF Notebook-size with Presenter's Outline PDF to accompany the PowerPoint Slideshow, giving you a pre-packaged training solution.

  27-page Presentation Notes Word doc and PDF

  29-page Participant Workbook PDF

  9 -50 minute Lesson Plans you can either expand on and lengthen or contract and shorten. Plus, Opening Kick-Off Assembly Script and Plans for Parent Night.

  All 6 MOVIES embedded to play within the PowerPoint Presentation:

  A Reinforcing Learning Mini-Poster PDF

  A Training Session Feedback Form PDF

  Certificate of Completion Form PDF

  A Program Announcement mini-poster - PDF to print and post throughout your facility (with a blank text box in which to add your training session information).

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Agenda for VIRTUAL Training
via MP3 Audio TeleConference Recording:

Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment UTRAIN®
Virtual 'Train the Trainer' MP3 Audio Training

In this TeleConference recording, Mary will walk you through exactly how to get Everyone on the same page to see the entire program through from beginning to end (the nay-sayers, the disgruntled and Yes, even the skeptical and the oppositional).

She will walk you through your MDPA Kick-Off Talk, and each Day/Lesson step-by-step so you can experience and be ready to get back to your community and make it happen!

space Getting everyone's buy-in to doing the program. Your KICK OFF Talk to launch your Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment Week (or Month) site-wide. Mary will walk you step-by-step through approaching Schools and/or School Districts decision makers to bring this program in before reaching out into the community businesses for sponsorship.

Our very First school to receive the full MDPA UTrain® Program from donations is:

Pueblo City School District 60, Somerlid Elementary/Freed Middle
Their Kick-Off date was this fall. Congratulations to Nadine Garcia' Montoya, Literacy Coach/Specialist for stepping up to make this happen for her school.

"Wow what a fast paced year this has already been! I have been meaning to inform you of our awesome "Make a Difference" kickoff which was held on Friday, September 13. We rolled it out with Kinder-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th and 6th, 7th and 8th assemblies. The students and staff loved the messages! It is so amazing to see blue wristbands throughout the building! Please call anytime so that I may share more with you! Sincerest thanks to you and your program!" -Nadine Garcia' Montoya

PS ...Persistently Low Performing Schools Apply HERE.



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To follow the Program Recommendations, you will need to

Order 10 Stickers and 4 Wristbands Per Recipient

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Design your own Program,
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® Program,
or Have Mary Present the Training!

OPTION 1: Acknowledgment Ceremony
D.I.Y. [Do It Yourself]:   Buy the Acknowledgment Movie, Play the Movie then do the
3-Step "I Make A Difference®" Acknowledgment for Random Acknowledgment or for a Planned Event. [Each Wristband and/or Sticker order includes a download of the 3-Step Ceremony.] CLICK HERE to ORDER Wristbands / Stickers 3-4 Weeks Ahead of your Event.

OPTION 2: Make A Difference Program (select from THIS PAGE)
D.I.Y. [Do It Yourself]:   UTRAIN® Leader's Guide: provides sample talks, assemblies/in-services and activities, from 25 minute segments to 50 to 80 minute sessions; plan a Make A Difference DAY, WEEK, or MONTH

OPTION 3: Have Mary Do It: click here

We advise you to place your order at least 3 weeks in advance of your scheduled event to assure we will have products to fulfill your order. Wristbands and stickers may sell out before the replacement products arrive. Please call if you have an upcoming event occurring soon.

You Can Do This
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Each of these Movies is included in the Program
Acknowledgment Movie
Connecting With Colors Movie
Eagle Parable Movie
Make A Difference Movie
What I Can Say When I Talk To Myself Movie
The Simple Gesture Movie
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Hello, fellow PTA Members, School Faculty and Staff,

As the former PTA President of Ford Middle School in Allen, Texas and the initiator of the "Make A Difference Week" concept two years ago, I can tell you the activities during this week altered the energy in the school, as random acts of kindness filled the halls and expressions of appreciation and acknowledgement were the priority.

The inspirational videos (one of which was Mary's Acknowledgment Movie ) that the students silently watched with emotion, made a huge impact, and the stories related directly to the activities that were asked of the students throughout the week.

I have observed troubled students transformed from the power of "Make A Difference Week" as they came to life by the simplest acknowledgement of their good nature from their teachers.

The purpose of this week is to demonstrate to the students new ways of making a difference in our world. These next generations are our future leaders, and the world is greatly depending on them to create a more peaceful coexistence for humanity. It's crucial for kids to understand the important role they play in the world, and it's up to us to remind them. "Make A Difference Week" is a fun-filled week that encourages students to be the "highest vision they have of themselves," to bring out the good in others, and to practice the power of acknowledgement, appreciation and kindness.

One week can truly make the difference in our world by impacting the lives of our children, as we empower them to be the positive role models and community heroes for the generations that follow.

Now this amazing, nationally-recognized educator - Mary Robinson Reynolds - has taken "Make A Difference Week" to the next level.

I highly recommend her Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment Week Program for the upcoming year as a way to create a tradition in building a caring and compassionate community of young adults in your school.

Please pass this email along to your Programs chairpersons.

Angel Carlton
PTA President, Ford M.S., Allen, TX


Make A Difference Acknowledgment Programs are Recommended by...

"We were experiencing a very challenging time within the organization and it was important for us to recognize those people who have truly helped us make a difference in what we do and how we do it. Mary Robinson Reynolds' 'I Make A Difference' Wristbands and Stickers were a very powerful and meaningful way for us to express our gratitude for their contributions. The process had amazing results in people's attitudes."
– Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder & Chairman of BNI, Business Networking International, as well as a New York Times best-selling author.

"I got the stickers - the Acknowledgment Movie and the stickers were a HUGE hit today! Yeah! Thanks."
– Suzanne Steele, Balanced Wellness, LLC

"Mary, I just dropped my son at school after a very difficult morning ... one of many. Patrick and I have one of those 'clashing' relationships where we are constantly bickering with one another. Your email arrived just in time and I watched the Teddy Stallard story. A box of tissues later I realize that 'I Am' the problem. I hear myself talking and that's all I hear sometimes. Thanks for reminding me that if I want change, I need to create an environment of gratitude, laughter and encouragement. I know that, but today I needed the reminder and recharge. This time I won't forget. Rather than respond to 'my Teddy's' sarcastic tone, I'll stop jumping in with an answer. We fight for independence. The mirror is a powerful tool and a very scary realization. Patrick is a wonderfully kind, sensitive, creative young man who has much to offer the people around him, including me. I just need to give him a chance to share that. I see more laughter in our household. That's a good thing. Just need to keep it going.

"I learned something the other day .... the word 'listen' when you change the letters spells 'silent'. Thank you."
– Terri Stanganelli

"Thank you for doing what you are doing. You do make a difference. A box of Kleenex isn't enough. Your movies are so moving, they touched my heart and opened my eyes. In a world of 'what more can I get' I see the greater value in 'what can I give' . I have two young girls who will each receive a letter of acknowledgement and appreciation when they get home from school today. Thank you for inspiring me to inspire them."
– Barb Moxsom

"Thank you for this encouragement. Yesterday was a very hard day filled with hopelessness. I am holding on and have to have internal fight to get through all of what I am facing. Your movie gave me hope, something to hang onto. I will be watching this through the day when the hopelessness returns. Thank you Mary, you made a difference today in my life."
– Catherine Renee

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Does Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment Program Work?


From the desk of ... Jeanie Hershey,
Make a Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment Program Facilitator


One day, the grandfather of a student at McCain Middle School, in the rural, historic town of Payette, Idaho asked me for help in making a difference in the school where he believed disrespect had become the norm for interactions.

That evening I received an email from a friend of mine, a school teacher in that school, with the same type of request. When you believe in something good happening, there is synergy, good things happening and coming together.

We dialogued with several people about programs, and they expressed excitement about our being a pilot program for them. Then came the tasks of finding funding and putting this into a school schedule. Ms. J chose to use her Advisory Class for 7th graders where the goal is to enhance their learning. We were very close to the end of the school year but chose to try anyway.

The first day we had the materials, the class viewed the movie clip of the impact of a father sharing appreciation to his son. That night a suicide was prevented. The son had already written the letter for his parents that he could never please them and so was taking his life. The gun was ready, and he was waiting until they went to bed. Lives were changed that night through the power of affirmative words.

One could sense that the clip had touched them. Ms J called each of the 31 students up, one by one, to tell them of her appreciation for them and shared specifics with them as she gave each a sticker, "You make a difference". Additionally, she gave them 3 stickers more to share with others.

We may never know that any lives were saved that day from suicide, but it was certainly apparent that lives were being impacted. Students took opportunity to make sure that Ms J and I each received our own sticker. In addition to sharing a sticker with someone they wanted to let know that made a difference in their life, they were asked to write a short story or report about that experience.

Across town, at Payette High School, another teacher friend asked to use the program in her Special Education class of 12 students. We had only 4 days before school ended for the students.

After telling the story that first morning about the importance of sharing affirmation for others, Ms. S called her students, one by one, to step out into the hallway, where in privacy she could share heartfelt aspects of what she appreciated in that student's life. As they came back into the room, most were saying, "She made me cry." Someone had touched their life in as special way.

They too were given 3 stickers to share with others - catch them doing something good or express appreciation to someone and then write about what had happened.

While in the class, a tall young man, who had been "rocking" in his chair, suddenly got up and came to me. As he presented me one of his stickers, he said, "Ms. Hershey, I want to give you a sticker because you inspire me." Now who was touched and teary-eyed?! They also made sure that Ms S was told why she was appreciated and given a sticker.

As the students in each class returned the second day, there was an excited buzz in the classroom, the atmosphere was changed. On that first day, I had asked each class if they believed that they could make a difference in their school, home and community. The response was hands waving in the air and saying "Yes, we can." That day as they returned to school having experienced passing a sticker and affirmative words to someone, you could sense that they indeed did believe they could, and were going to, make a difference.

The next step involved the use of blue bracelets imprinted with "I Make a Difference." As we stood in a circle around the room, I affirmed the student to my right, gave him a bracelet to wear, and then gave him one to pass on to the student to his right as he acknowledged that student. After the activity, each was given 3 bracelets to share with others. Again, to write about their experiences - what was it like for the person that they gave the bracelet and what was it like for them to share.

Students got very involved in each classroom, as they were given a strip of paper, asked to write down the name of someone they had shared with, and then we made a paper chain to hang in the room. Such enthusiasm! It was understood that the ones we listed were not nearly all who had been touched as there was a ripple effect to the activity. The students at McCain had a total of 133 circles on their chain that they looped on the wall outside their classroom.

The next task was the practice of introducing self and saying three things that you are good at. As I started the activity, I acknowledged that the activity is not easy for me either. We discussed reasons why we have difficulty speaking positively about ourselves.

Although often somewhat difficult, each student in the classrooms followed through on the exercise and experienced some positive emotions at having done so.

Now, listen to their stories, written in their own language and emotions. They asked me to share these with many people and said they also want their own copy. I have withheld the students' names to protect their privacy.




I know you were here for this, but I am writing about when I gave Mrs. Jones her sticker. It made me smile when she got tears in her eyes. I think it made me feel appreciated for making someone else feel better about their self. I want to make a difference in others' lives and mine.


I gave a sticker to T because she is always there for me when I need her. She is very nice and supportive. She is my best friend! "Thank you for being a nice friend T." She also gave me a hug! It made me feel happy and good.


I MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! When I gave my friend a sticker, she said that she doesn't understand. I told her I was walking around with no one to talk to. You came over and we started talking. You make a difference in my life and that's why I gave you a sticker.


I make a difference," my teacher said. I thought she was lying, but I thought for a minute that I do make a difference. So, I thought, who makes a difference in my life. And, I thought of my mom, and then I gave that to her. She cried and I cried. We were both touched. I gave one to my teacher. I said, "You make a difference" and he said, "Thanks." That is all. Good bye

Note: Out of this letter, it was apparent that it is also important to learn to accept affirmations. It was hurtful for this student that a teacher only responded with "thanks." He ended his note with 5 sad faces.


When I gave my sticker to my best friend, H., she was a little confused. She said, "But I didn't donate money." I looked at her and said, "What? You don't need to. I just want to tell you how special you are and you are such a good friend." I think she was still a little confused but I think she felt special.


I gave a sticker to my best friend because she is always there for me and I'm happy that she is there for me. When I gave her the sticker, she hugged me and said, "Thank You." Then she gave me a sticker and she said, "Thank you for always being there for me." Then we both hugged and smiled.


The first sticker I gave away to my wonderful mother. She almost teared up because she told me she is so strict with my sister and I because she wanted us to finish school and learn how to cook. My feeling was she is strict but I know she loves us a lot.


I make a Difference: I gave a sticker to my friend, C. because I appreciate how he always helps people when they are getting bullied. And, I really appreciate how he helps people feel good about themselves. I also gave a sticker to my mom and it made me feel like a good person even though I might not always act like it. I really felt good about myself.


When I gave my mom her sticker on Mother's Day, she cried. I felt like I made her day when I stuck that sticker on her chest when she smiled. It felt good to make her happy. It made me happy.


Once I gave out my first sticker, it was not hard at all to give out the rest. Well, the very first important person I gave it to was my mom. She really loved it.


I gave a sticker to my dad and he was confused at first. When I told him what I appreciate about him, my dad was very happy to hear what I said and he was happy the rest of the day. I told my dad that I appreciate how hard working he was and always providing stuff for us before him.


Note: This class believed so strongly that they could make a difference in the community, some of them chose to walk in the Apple Blossom Parade in town and pass out stickers and bracelets to persons they "caught" doing something good.




A person who makes a difference in life is my grandpa. I chose my grandpa because when I see him, he makes me smile.


The one person who makes a difference in my life are my special ed teachers. The reason they make a difference in my life is because they always help me with my work and make sure I have good grades. They also make a difference in my life because I can talk to them and they will listen to me. They are friends and they also are my teachers.


J. makes a difference in my life. He mostly helps me keep out of trouble. I usually never get into trouble for stupid stuff. He usually tells me not to do something which usually changes the outcome or something that could have turned out very bad for me. I do respect him as a person. He changed his looks a lot but he doesn't change how he is, which is what I respect the most. Days, or even years, of my life I could never dream to be as great as him. He is an amazing guy and an amazing friend. I do hope to have him as a friend for the rest of my life. I just hope he sees me as a friend to hold on to for his life with him as my friend. I'll be sure to be a nice guy for many years.


To Ms. Steiniker: People who are making a difference in my life. Everybody around us is trying to make a difference in life. Teachers are one of them. Because they want their student to be successful in life, they are going to push them to do their best in every way they can. Friends are there to encourage their peers and they would help them to make the right decisions in life.

Parents are going to help them reach their goals and support the right ones. My family wants me to make the right choices in life. I think all of my family is my hero because they help me with making the right decisions and they will support me on the right decisions I choose. I think they are making a difference in my life.

My friends are nice and cool to talk to because they make me laugh and help me do things right. I feel like everyone is making a right decision. I like all of my teachers because they want me to succeed in my life.

Thank you everyone for being there for me and I wish you all the best summer. May your dreams come true. P.S. Have a great summer.


My mom makes a difference in my life. She feeds me and clothes me. She also can put a roof over my head. She loves me and I love her too. She goes out of her way to help me and also do the same things every time. I would do anything to keep my mom with me as long as possible, but she can't. When she goes, the world will be no life for me.


The one person that makes a difference in my life: Well, several people do - like my step dad, my mom, and my teachers. They make a difference because they help me learn how to be a better person. They at least try to teach me more on the need to be a better person and what I need to learn in order to live a better life and to develop and grow.


When I gave a sticker to my brother, he got all teary-eyed and thanked me and gave me a hug. When I gave the sticker, it made me feel better about myself.

This should be carried to the PHS by an assembly every Friday and over the announcements as well.


When I got a "You Make a Difference" sticker and when I gave it out, it felt really good to make someone happy. We all feel good about those things when we say nice things to people. We should do it more.


What happened to me when I gave a YMAD sticker to T. - she cried and gave me a big hug. When Ms Steiniker gave it to me, I cried. This should be carried out at PHS by the beginning of the school year.


I felt awesome and the person was really happy. I gave one to C. It should be carried out in the assembly.


This made a big difference to me. It felt good when someone said a good thing about me and when I told another person a good thing about them, they smiled and thanked me. I think we should do this next year for a week. A lot of people can benefit from this program.


I gave a sticker to my boyfriend and he really liked it. He said that nobody has ever said that to him. It made me feel special knowing that I made someone's day. It should be in announcements like just a quote. It may help people by the way they act.


It makes a difference when people are noticed for just being there and be accepted without any peer pressure. It is good because instead of bullying, we'll have a school full of friends and not enemies. And, that is what people need in life: Support not neglect and insults. People need positivity in their life to show that being caring is more promising than threats.


When I got a YMAD sticker, I felt like someone cared about me and noticed that I make a difference and not "just some kid." When I gave a YMAD sticker to my girl, she cried and did not want to let go of me. I think our school should always have a morning announcement to make a difference.


What happened to you?? What happened to me was that it helped me see what it would be like to open up and tell someone that they are special and that they mean something in this world and that in any way possible, they are special.

And if we would like to carry this out to do it during assemblies and if any teachers would like the program to schedule it for one of their classes.


When I gave my girlfriend the sticker and I told her why I was giving it to her - I gave her a hug and kissed her and told her I loved her.

Put this in the English classes.


I gave a sticker to my brother and to my friend in English. It felt good to my brother to know how much he means to me. He was happy to get it because I don't tell him enough that he is cool.

I gave it to my friend in English class because she makes me laugh everyday and laughter is important in my life. She was happy to get a sticker because she didn't even know how much that means to me.


I am so glad that I got to do this before I graduated. Thanks.


Jeanie Hershey LMFT, LCPC
Jeanie's Helping Heart, Idaho Program Facilitator for ...
Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment

PS ... What Jeanie was TOO SELFLESS to say is that she went out into her business community and personally GOT THE FUNDING in just under a couple of weeks' time, so she could take this into the schools and do this. I'd like to acknowledge Jeanie as being a MEGA Difference Maker!


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Other Programs:

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